Win a Chance to be Bon Jovi’s Rockstar on Tour!

Bon Jovi is taking YOU on the road with them! You’ll do everything together – eat, stay at the same hotel, go to soundcheck, be a backstage VIP during their show, attend the after party, and more.

So what are you waiting for? ENTER: 

All helps the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation. Flights & hotel included.

79 thoughts on “Win a Chance to be Bon Jovi’s Rockstar on Tour!

  1. Hi,
    I’m from Germany and I would like to know if this contest, to meet Bon Jovi, is only valid for USA or is it also possible to win it for a future Germany Tour?


  2. Espero poder verlo por que me parece una persona genial. Soy de Argentina Buenos Aires y hace muchos años que no viene para aca y quiero poder escuchar su música la cual es muy buena. Espero poder veerteee!!

  3. WOW! This would be a dream come true for me! What a great way to celebrate being a breast cancer warrior! I didn’t survive to sit at home. I survived to LIVE my life, b/c it’s now or never… truly! So excited!

  4. I am and have been a huge Bon Jovi fan for a long time and can not begin to tell you how disappointed I am to see there are no concerts even close to Philadelphia, PA. I have gone to North Jersey to see them and nothing even close!!! Wow!!! So upsetting ☹️️

    1. Tina, I have seen them in Philly before, too, and I can’t imagine they won’t be here……more dates will be added….they HAVE to play PHILLY and in New Jersey! 😀

  5. this would be an amazing opportunity to win as i would love to talk to him about his restaurant that helps the needy and the homeless as i would love to do the same in ottawa ontario.

    Having this conversation on how to start the same or similar program to help the needy is close to my heart as i’m involved in a community groups who collects. filled back packs which are handed out to people less fortunate who are living on the streets or using homeless shelters and food banks to get by on a daily basis.

  6. I wish I could donate, can’t as I’m a widow and trying to get my last child through college years. She wanted to quit but I talked her into staying in. I had two rotator cuff surgeries. I’m barely making it and I never know from month to month if I’ll be able to afford my mortgage and utility bills. I hope whomever wins it’s well deserved. Keep up awesome songs and volunteer work. I grew up listening to ur songs.
    Karen Buschmann

  7. I just turned 60. It’s my life …. After raising kids for 30 years, I’m living my life. I began cycling and have raised money for breast cancer and diabetes through riding. I just became a volunteer for Make a Wish Foundation and now I want to sing my lungs out at a Bon Jovi concert.
    I’ve let my hair go naturally white/gray. Man, I admire Jon for doing the same. It’s freeing! It’s my life!

  8. I am so happy to hear this news!! I can not wait to see you again in Atlanta. This would make my 9th concert of seeing the band. I have been a fan since 84 in Jersey and Philly, now in Atlanta it just keeps getting better!! See you on the 10th of Feb-

  9. Hoping to take my girlfriend to see you in Philly/Jersey, but don’t see anything near us. We love your music and hope you come near us so we can buy tickets. Hoping for new dates to be announced soon.

  10. I love you Jon!! I love Bon Jovi always have always will! Can’t wait to see y’all hopefully more than once❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. You are the kindest, most Philanthropic person on the planet, ok, maybe next to next to Gandhi.
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  12. Si Tuviese Esa Oportunidad de entrar en el Sorteo Sería Estupendo Me Encantaría Estar en Sus Conciertos Bon Jovi Tu Música Lo Mejor de Lo Mejor …Viva El Rock …a Rockear …Desde Ecuador

  13. How can you NOT be touring in Jersey? SOOO DISAPPOINTED 🙁 Took my daughters to see you when they were kids and was looking forward to taking them again. PLEASE ADD JERSEY or PHILLY to the tour!

  14. You are on my bucket list!. I decided to make one this year, after all you never know. It’s timgmail.come, I’ve take care of everyone else, it my time now. My kids will tell you, it is my time.

  15. What….NO concert dates in Chicago or Milwaukee!!!!!!!!!!!!! How disappointing …Maybe I read that wrong…i will check again…..

  16. I know that must ear this almost everday, but a I friend of mine, Julia, is deeply in love with you. All she wants to do is going to one of your concert, but, we are from Argentina.
    I told her that if you came to Argentina I will pay the ticket for the show.

    There is the posibility that you bring your show to Argentina?



  17. Montréal, je suis trop contente de penser que je vais danser et chanter toute la soirée avec mon Jon Bon Jovi (et mon garcon )

  18. What a great job to be Bon Jovi’s assistant for two days…i can be for a life time! Jon please sent me my tickets and i’ll be there for u as soon as possible❤️❤️❤️❤️

  19. Im going crazyyyy …please please you guys have to rock in Germany aswell….Dont 4get your Fans over here.My no. 1 favourite Band.Love Bon Jovi always

  20. As a teenager I grew up listening to Bon Jovi. I was not allowed to go his concerts (or any for that matter) as my dad didn’t allow his daughter to go to those kinds of things. So I’m on a mission to sit in the pit at his next concert!!! I last seen you in 2013 in Chicago Soldier Field. I sat behind the pit. If you’re not going to be in Chicago than I’ll drive to Indianapolis!

  21. come to lake Tahoe’s Harvey’s outdoor concert series in the summer of 2017- please-we need solid rockers like you guys here…tina from tahoe

  22. All I can say is I’ve grown up listening to your heart felt music since I was a young girl! I still listen with the same fervour Ive always had for your music, like I was still that young girl! Your music lifts me up every day so I can go and save lives on my 12 hour shifts as a registered nurse! Hard work but very rewarding…like listening to your music is!! Thanks Jon , for all the wonderful years of music! Keep it coming!!!!!

  23. Dear Jon,
    I hope you receive this. 10 years ago my daughter Farrah took me to a trip to New Jersey as a fan member to celebrate my 50th birthday. Unfortunately you got sick and we’re unable to attend . my daughter and I always went to your concerts all the time in Phoenix and Las Vegas. This year when you come to Vegas I don’t know if I can come. On Tuesday May 3rd my daughter passed away at age of 33. We always belonged to the fan club but when she sick we couldn’t afford it.
    I’m writing this more for me as my heart is so broken that her favorite band is coming to Vegas and she won’t be here to attend. Thank you for making my daughter happy whenever she listened to you.
    A grieving mother Fern Kaye.


  25. What? I was sure you would be in Phila in March! You always come here on or near your Birthday! Why change what you always have done! You know that is bad luck! It was your birthday and I had 7th row tickets and was memorized by your covering Hallelujah! You sang that so beautifully and with so much feeling I had goose bumps for days! Someone posted a video from that night on u tube and I played it a hundred times a day for weeks. I never got tired of it! So now YOU don’t even have a Phila. Date listed and I’m guessing these dates are just the first leg of the tour, because there is no way you would do this tour and come here and North Jersey as well as this is your home State! Am I right? So I will try and wait patiently as I would expect an announcement of more dates in a few weeks after most of the tickets sell for the cities you have announced already! Please dont keep us waiting too long, people are getting upset. Out of all the comments most of the ones that are pleading for you to come are from Phila. The fans that love you the most! And the best audience to play for in the world, and your FAVORITE place to perform! There are no fans like Phila fans! We are crazy and enthusiastic! Just admit it! We are just your FAVORITE and you know it! But please don’t save the best for last, we have a really hard time waiting and we are complainers, so until you tell us your coming and announce a date. You are going to hear a lot of wineing!!! LOL! Love you Jon! Oh and P.S. when you do come…could you please, please, please sing hallelujah again for me? I’m begging and pleading with you! That is my wish! It’s not that much to ask! And I just know others will be thrilled if you do too! The way you sing that just moves everyone! Thanks so much for reading This! I look forward to see if you listened to any of my requests. I really am hoping you do! Good luck with the new album, (love all the songs I’ve heard so far), have fun, and be safe on tour please!

  26. You are coming to San Jose area, we live in Reno. I would love to see my daughter-in-law able to meet you in person and be with you on tour. She is a beautiful wife, mother and friend. She loves your music and this would be a great treat for her birthday.

  27. Would be a dream come true to tour with Bon Jovi for a day as it is my dream to sing a duet with Jon Bon Jovi. Also their recent song lyrics “a poor man has his money, a rich man has his soul” have completed resonated true with me on a heart and soul level and to be able to sit and talk about that would be a gift from heaven above.

  28. Please come back to Toronto. You have a huge fan base here and I’ve been a very loyal fan since you can on the scene in the 80’s. Everyone says I’m obsessed with you Jon and I went to Austin Texas in April just to meet you on my birthday (and got a hug from you – the best day of my life). Please make a stop in Toronto!!!

  29. Hi Guys. Would just like to know (I think the question has been asked b4), are you planning on doing a U.K tour??

  30. Hello,
    I was wondering if the October , 2016 date in Toronto is the only time you are playing in Toronto. It has been a lifelong dream to see you (I’m 58) and I was planning on a Toronto show date in 2017 because the album is only coming out in November. I hope I haven’t missed my chance. Loved this band and you for many years and even more so, knowing about all the charitable acts you do. Thank you for showing everyone that kindness and looking out for humanity is the only way to live.

  31. We had a great time at LONDON PALLADIUM 10/10/2016 thank-you Jon I won the tickets to have the privilege to see the band. The last time was at Slane Castle 2013 another amazing show then too. My Fiancee Fiona & I cant wait to see the Band again in Birmingham 2017.

  32. You have been my favorite band for many years. I think your love and commitment to your wife and family are refreshing the sometimes crazy and hectic world we live in. Your commitment to giving back has spurred me in to action by becoming a Hospice Volunteer. Thank you for putting into words what my heart speaks!! much love to you!!


  34. Hello…
    Just want to say that your music is amazing. I have been listing to your music since I was a teenager. I listen to it often over and over again. I teach students who have disabilities and I let them listen to your music and they love it. The students who are non verbal smile and their eyes light up when they listen to your music. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job for all these decades.
    Good Luck on your tour, and I hope to see you again in London ON, or Toronto ON.

  35. I have loved you music for along time and I’m so excited that you are touring again. Wish you were performing in IOWA! I’ve already ordered your new albums and can’t wait for it to come. You are on my “bucket” as I’ve never been able to make one of your shows. Thanks for all you do, not only in your awesome songs but also in your kitchen, love th “pay it forward” concept.
    I’d also like to praise you on your long marriage, you and your wife are an inspiration to all.
    Keep doing what your doing!

  36. Amazing night in TO, October 17th, 2016 . My daughter and I could not get enough of your singing. Love the new songs, so heartfelt… Thank you for the experience and for the tickets … So cool.

  37. I have wrote two notes pleading with Jon to come to New Brunswick. I saw him last when I signed out of the hospital after a knee replacement to stand in a field in Moncton. Did you forget the Maritimes are still here and we in New Brunswick get little entertainment. I. Was a nurse in a psychiatric up until 2004 when we woke one morning to our house on fire. We lived rural and the trucks were late getting there and we got our daughter Lindsay out but our son Matthew died at the age of 17. Lindsay was only 19 and she was burned to worse. Loosing a child is something a parent should not have to experience. I know you had some difficulties with your daughter so you got a taste of it. I never returned to work as I would have to deal with very raw experiences so I left nursing and my health continues to decline. My husband is a truck driver and under dr orders took so time off and his first trip to Georgia he was helping one of the other truckers and to this date we don’t know why but his truck caught on fire and the trooper held him from not gettin in for his phone and car keys. Total loss. Starting over and over is getting old. I would love to see you but I don’t have the resources as we have had so much bad luck. Please I beg which I never have done come to New Brunswick and maybe I could afford a ticket. I had looked in to one in Toronto but they never got back to me where it was a meet and greet. That would have to be a credit card trip and I don’t work anymore, daughter has injuries and graphs that keep her from working and our son is in Heaven. My husband can’t take time off. Please I know your scaling back some but I love the new and old music. Will there ever be a chance to see you and not have to use binoculars. I have all your DVDs so I can pop one of them in and that is maybe all I will see of you in this lifetime. Good Luck with the tour. Wish I could go anywhere and see you, my last wish. Take Care and from a loyal fan, All the Best to the new band members , I wish Ritchie had showed up for work but you will go on as an icon. Will your Billboard award be shown on tv? All the best with that , YOU earned that and too long coming….Lana CurleyForbes Fredericton NB Canada..loyal fan ; my family can tell you that❤️

  38. I miss you in Toronto, but why not come and sing in Quebec. The new Videotron center is ready for you !!! I will like to see you with my daughter . It would be a nice mother daughter evening.
    Elaine Jobin

  39. I can remember screaming out Bon Jovi tunes when I was a little girl swinging on the swing set. My mother, sister and I are huge fans and I passed along my JBJ passion to my 12 year old step-daughter. My husbabd and I purchased tickets for the San Diego show as a surprise Christmas gift for her. Travelling all the way from east coast Canada to sing along with the best artist out there. Fingers crossed that you will play “in these arms”. It’s our favourite sing along tune.

  40. My older sister Kathy has been a fan of Bon Jovi for as long as I can remember. I think she knows every song he has sung. A few years ago she was diagnosed with kidney cancer. she had to have her kidney removed and since then it spread to her lungs. She has had chemo and her growths continued to grow. She is now on experimental treatments and has lost her hair and is losing her fingernails and taste. She has continued to have a positive outlook on things and has been an amazing mother wife and grandmother. SHe has always wanted to meet Bon Jovi ,she thinks he is a great singer and likes that he married and still is married to his High School sweat heart! When she did work she had a picture of Bon Jovi next to her family.It would be an amazing honor for her to meet her icon when he comes to Mohegan Sun.

  41. I have always enjoyed your music. My time as a single parent while working full time and attending school part time. My girls are grown and now the grand kids are here with another one due in a month. My focus has been them and moving closer to my mom who has been needing some assistance. I have always wanted to attend one of your concerts. I have bought a ticket and booked a flight to see you in Denver in a couple of weeks. Taking a few days for me which has been much needed. Would love to meet you and the band. Living on a Prayer!

  42. Oh My Stinkin’ Goodness! What a 2018 bucket list completer this would be!!! My names Bre I’m 18 & my brother my bestfriend & I want to come see Bon Jovi sooooo much. Were still looking for tickets but i dont care if i have to sit way back in the nose bleeds, ill be there jammin’ !!! Love y’all big!!!!!

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