It’s My Life – Live in Philly!

Watch Bon Jovi perform their hit, “It’s My Life”, live from Philadelphia on May 3, 2018 during their 2018 This House Is Not For Sale Tour. 

10 thoughts on “It’s My Life – Live in Philly!

  1. Jon,
    Time does not erase the truth of the facts for Bon Jovi and your audience. The work is done with love, respect, dedication, intelligence, good humor and great surprises.
    Time brings you back, through the heart of the people, a truly unforgettable miracle.
    I really appreciate your attention with the audience.
    Santos, SP. Brazil.

  2. I was there!!!!!!!!! The boys put on a badass rockin show as usual. I took my daughter. She is 21 and this was her very first Bon Jovi concert. She was in awe. When Jon got on the side platform & sang Bed of Roses, she was in tears. We were so close to him but not close enough. I would’ve loved for her to have been right there in arms length while he was singing to the ladies. She would’ve really lost herself. I hope to be there again next year & maybe a little closer. Jon is my absolute favorite artist ever. I don’t know him but have always felt that there’s a connection to him. His music is so relatable and no matter if a song is one of happiness or sadness, he always gets me in a good mood. We love you Jon ❤❤❤❤❤

  3. Visionné vidéo “it’s m’y life” publiée le 2 /0/2018. Concert à Philadelphie. Déçue, décalage au niveau de l’ image et du son. Heureusement que Jon Bon Jovi a une jolie voix et de belles chansons.

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  5. Bon Jovi,por favor venha fazer um Show aqui em Recife-PE,Brasil.Aí sim eu iria ter oportunidade de ir no seu show.Você é dez,adoro suas músicas.Seu jeito de tratar seu fãs,vc é tudo bom.Por favor venha pra minha cidade.Amo muito vc Bon jovi.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  6. First saw them back in 84 or 85 touring the UK and they still sound fantastic. I was disappointed when Ritchie left but Phil is doing a great job.

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