Be Part of Our Tour – Submit Your Bon Jovi Memories!


Be part of our 2019 Tour!


Submit your Bon Jovi memories using the hashtag #BonJoviMemories on social media and you could make it onto the big screen as we tour through Europe!

Coming to a show? Let us know which one by also including #citybonjovi (i.e. #londonbonjovi). This will increase the chances of seeing your face on the big screen at your home show!

Not only will you have a chance to be featured at our concerts, we will also be sharing submissions on our social media accounts and websites.


Visit the MEMORIES section of to view what memories may show up on the big screen throughout our tour.


Here are just a few ideas you can share with us; feel free to be as creative as you want! 

  • Why you’re the biggest Bon Jovi fan on the planet!
  • How/why you became a Bon Jovi fan
  • The story of your favorite Bon Jovi memory
  • Multiple generations of Bon Jovi fans
  • Photos of you at a Bon Jovi concert
  • What “This House Is Not For Sale” means to you

A few things to remember:

  • Your profile must be set to public
  • Use the hashtag #BonJoviMemories

We’re excited to see your #BonJoviMemories!

32 thoughts on “Be Part of Our Tour – Submit Your Bon Jovi Memories!

  1. memory with Bon Jovi. my marriage in 2000 with the song bed of roses and next year … I will be married 20 years and I want to celebrate with the music all about loving you.

    1. memory with Bon Jovi. my marriage in 2000 with the song bed of roses and next year … I will be married 20 years and I want to celebrate with the music all about loving you

  2. In 2013 in Melbourne when jon saw me in wheelchair and stood in front of my son so take photo of him on stage

  3. #Bonjovimemories from my 12 years that I follow the band. When I was a child my room was decorated with posters of Jon that I still have with my 42 years! I participated in every recital they did in my country Argentina. At the first recitals I went alone. But then add to my madness for Bon Jovi my friends @ Silvana Capelle, @mirnaArrojas and @lorenaReksas. All the shows were spectacular. they always shone and in each one they gave the best to the public. I admire you. Every day I share information with the BonjovinerosdeArgentina, remembering their songs and learning about the news of the band. I ask God that this year they can tour in my country.

  4. please please bon jovi can you play walls at Wembley stadium in june, love that song. best song off this house is not for sale. see you on june 21st

  5. Being a part of fans of you around the world means a lot of me. I’m proud of you and i’ve been a fan since i was a teen! Thirty years of good music and here i go for 30 more!! Luv u!! Kisses from Peru!!

  6. Hello! My name is Sergey Ivanov, I and my four children live near Moscow. Since childhood, I love the band Bon Jovi and grew up with these energy-energizing songs.
    A few weeks ago, my eldest son prepared a surprise for me and sang the song “This is my life” with my classmates. A small video about this song in the attachment. My son with a microphone.
    Unfortunately, at the moment I lost my job and I can not afford to buy a ticket for the concert, which will be held in Moscow on May 31. Sorry for my indiscreet request, can I ask for two tickets for me and my son to your concert?
    Thanks in advance for your creativity !!!

  7. #BonJoviMemories I want to tell you an anecdote with a Bon Jovi recital in Argentina 2010. I did not have much money to get the ticket for the vip, but my cousin Cristian worked for the City Government and I asked him to give me a pass as a control employee of sounds (he worked in that area). After hours of waiting at the door of the stadium, I got the pass (a bracelet enabled me) and I was next to the stage all the recital! It was incredible!!!! The best lie of my life! I achieved my goal Then I gave Cris a bottle of wine for the great favor !!!

  8. I have been in love with Bon Jovi since their first concert in Australia where I got a free ticket from a friend & didn’t know Bon Jovi but liked their songs. I have been to every concert in Australia since except one which I am still dirty about. I have his songs as my ring tones & his pictures all over my door. I get very upset if I don’t get a Bon Jovi calandras for Xmas. My most proud moment was when my 3 yo granddaughter said to me in the car “can u put Bon Jovi on Nanny”. My heart melted. Her mum listens to rap music. I have told all my children I want everyone at my funeral to listen to Keep the Faith & It’s my Life at my funeral along with Amazing Grace & rock out with a can of bourbon or Smirnoff Black. I haven’t had an easy life but feel these songs fit me perfectly. My life wish is to meet Bon Jovi before I die. All my kids & ex boyfriends know that Bon Jovi is my first & only one true love. I hope & pray I get to meet him before I die. I respect Jon as a father, husband & musician. When I can afford it I will have his portrait tattooed on my back. To me he is the sexiest man alive & the perfect man. Love u always Lissa Kirkpatrick

  9. Hi how do I go about getting my dad mentioned at the Ricoh arena me and my mum are attending and my dad passed away January 2018 and when he was younger he was a rocker loved his motorbikes and he loved bon Jovi music we even had it’s my life played at his funeral would love for my dad to be mentioned at the concert he would have loved that.

  10. My first ever Bon Jovi concert was in Thurlus Ireland in 1995 and I was just blown away, 24 years on I’m still blown away not only by the music but by what great human beings they are. Dublin Ireland will be my 6th Bon Jovi concert, best of luck with the tour. #bonjovimemories #dublinbonjovi

  11. #BonJoviMemories I was so young when I first hear Bon Jovi’s songs. I must have been 9-10 years old when my sister became crazy with the band, and I was immediately cautivated too. I loved their songs so much I just wanted to sing them all, with that age I started to look for the lyrics and I would try to repeat what I hear, even when I had no idea what I was saying. I was living in Patagonia, south of Argentina, in a small city, it could be said it was the end of the world, but Bon Jovi’s songs, reached so far in this planet, they could not even imagine, it reached our windy town, in the middle of nowhere. That’s BON JOVI, they reached our lives and changed it forever. #Switzerland, our rooms where full with pictures of Jon and the band, they have been part of my life since I remember, now with 39 I will go to Bon Jovi’s concert for the first time in my life!!! It will be “the day” of my life. This house is not for sale means to me that we will have Bon Jovi for much more time than we imagine, as soon I heard it, I new, BON JOVI IS HERE TO STAY. Ana

  12. I missed the concert in Sthlm 2003, but in 2013 I was there ❤️ Love these guys to the moon, sun and back. In 2016 I was in London, wow!!!!! 2019 Stockholm Vip and then Coventry. Who is a lucky woman ❤️

  13. Thanks for grandiosely coming in Moscow! You’re songs, music in my head, heart and soul! I love you!❤️

  14. Eyyy porqué no vienen a Argentina??? Te estoy esperando hace años Jon!! Te amo desde que tenía 12 años

  15. I really miss the amazing photos by David Bergmann on this tour. You really need to update the Photo section in here

  16. Goffertpark Nijmegen Holland, my wife, sisters and family need to see Bon Jovi singing in these arms. Our weddingsong! Can’t get any better than that.

  17. 32 years ago my brother bought me a Bon Jovi concert ticket . Cried my eyes out . Now 32 years on myself and my big Bro get to Rock again in Dublin on the 16th of June . Here’s to showing the younger ones how to Rock #bonjovimemories #DublinBonJovi

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