Bon Jovi Announces Porto Alegre, Brazil Date

September 19th at Beira Rio Stadium in Porto Alegre, Brazil

Fan Club presale begins May 1st at 8pm local time, PayPal pre-sale begins May 2nd at 5pm, and tickets go on sale to the general public on May 9th and 10pm.

Fan Club Pre-Sale Information

Fan club member pre-sale begins May 1st at 8pm local time and ends May 2nd at 8pm local time. You can find your pre-sale code on, under “My Account” (scroll all the way down).

23 thoughts on “Bon Jovi Announces Porto Alegre, Brazil Date

  1. Fiquei muito feliz em saber que a banda que cresci escutando que amo tanto vira para Porto Alegre , vou ir e levar minha filha que graças a mim que apresentei a melhor banda do mundo vai também será um sonho realizado muito obrigado amamos vocês o bon jovi e banda vou tentar ficar bem perto para ver o bon jovi de perto se acaso precisar de alguma fa dele assim pode me chamar kkkkkkk Cris e Julia bj

  2. My best friend Ruth and I are awaiting your Philly date since we missed your first show. Please do another leg in north America especially for Ruth since she might not be around too much longer. And someone said u would do ten more shows in north america.

  3. Thanks for adding this show! Please don’t forget to include early entrance and/or a separate area for Backstage members! Brazil loves Bon Jovi!

  4. Ps: To the people who are reading this letter, please, lead it to the Jon’s hands. I’m begging you!!!

    I don’t know if this letter will get in your hands, if you’re gonna read it and if i’ll have an answer. But life have taught me, that we should try witht all strenght we have inner us. And believe. Believe at every single moment till the end of our lifes. And also have love inside our hearts, doing whay it says for us to do, and at the end, everthing’s gonna be ok.

    Well, let me introduce myself: My name is Rafaela Fernanda Belém. I’m 31, brazilian and I have a beautiful story, wich I’d like you and the band get to know.

    I was born premature (seven months), and after few hours I’ve had a respiratory failure. It have affected an specifc part of my brain wich is responsable for my equilibrium. So, I just can walk and be stand on my feet using a support.

    I think you’re wondering “Where am I in it?” I’ll tell you.

    When I was 5 I’ve known you and the band because my Mom used to listening to your songs a lot, and since it, I’ve never stoped listening to you.

    My way until today wans’t easy: To listen from the doctors that my case’s irreversible, a bunch of surgeries, treatments… but all the strenght to go through it all came from Bon Jovi.

    I can’t count how many times I was in hospitals waiting for surgeries and listening to you singing! And it always made me (and still does) stronger to face it all. You were with me all the time ( my first kiss, my school graduation, my College graduation, my fisrt job). Always, in every situation, every moment.

    Backing when I was a child, 10 years old specifically, I’ve made myself a promisse: “One day, if I have enough money and physical conditions, I’ll go to a Bon Jovi’s concert”

    And in 2010, my dream came true, in São Paulo, The Circle Tour!!!! I did all that I could ( and couldn’t) to go, and it was just amazing, perfect… Especially when the band played “These Days”, my favorite one. I’ve cried like a baby, and can explain how happy I was feeling. Unbelievable!!!!

    In 2013, Because We Can Tour, and I was there again!

    Each one has your own beliefes, religions and find your own

    way to reach your goals, to find the nescessery strenght to go ahead in life. Mine strenght called BON JOVI!

    In each concert I’ve gone, I came back stonger, more confident and feeling better.

    Now, in 2017, I’ll just can go to your concert if Bon Jovi play in São Paulo, because this city is not so far from mine, and then will be possible to me.

    My friends use to ask me how would be my reaction if , one day, I have a chance to know you personally. And my answer is: “I think, I’ll be so excited, that maybe I would let my walker beside and run to hug them !!!!!

    I’m your fan, and really woul’d like to see you face to face. Just tem minutes woul’d be enough for me. Just to see your face, your smile. And I pray for God every night to this opportunity.

    Despite my limitatios, I’m a very happy person an this is just what’s missing (a tiny detail) to my life became better than it is.If you just read my letter, I’ll be glad but, to hug you is my life’s dream!

    Finally Jon, I’d like to thank you for everything: for your smile, your voice, for wipe my tears away and hold my hand everytime I’ve thought giving up.

    I’m waiting for your answer and hope to see you in São Paulo. Preferably personally!!!

    Bye for now!!

    With love . Rafa!

    1. Você vai conseguir, acredito em tudo que você falou, pois sou fã, e sei que nada é mentira. Keep The Faith, torcendo por você.

      1. I ask God every day for this to happen … my dream of life! Thank you for the words !
        My ticket from São Paulo is already purchased … September 23 !! I will be there again !! I do not believe
        I’m so happy, I just need to get my hug from Jon, to get everything perfect ..

        Peço todos os dias pra Deus pra isso acontecer… meu sonho de vida! Obrigada pelas palavras !
        Meu ingresso de São Paulo, já está comprado…23 de setembro!! Eu estarei lá novamente!! nem acredito !
        Estou tão Feliz, só falta conseguir o meu abraço do Jon, pra ficar tudo perfeito..

        1. Thank you. Thank you very much. I think about it all the time! Many people write to the band. If only I had one chance to read my letter. My heart is full of joy just thinking. I think it’s impossible, I hope luck turns to my side 🙂
          I wanted Jon so much to smile at me! This is the only dream I’ve had in my life since I was 5 years old.
          Jon … Jon … see … read my letter, please !! ( See you in September 23 in São Paulo). ♥

    2. Rafa!!! I do believe your dream will become true just because Jon and this band are different than all!! They have heart and soul and that’s what makes me love them the way I love!! They’re not rock stars, they’re human beings. And you… you deserve it!!! Keep your faith!! Always

  5. Por favor amooo demaisss Bon Jovi. Preciso ir neste show em Porto Alegre e levar minha filha que ama tbm. Preciso entrar no fã clube.

  6. Thanks Bon Jovi for coming at Porto Alegre/ Brazil! I was waiting for this moment for a long long time . I’m gonna take my daughter who had growed up listening to your musics and became a big fan, just like me! Thanks again and hope to have the best day of my year.Love you!!!

  7. Me and my mom are so happy to have you here in Porto Alegre/Brazil.
    My mom is a BIG fan since when she was young, and I grew up listening to your musics!!!
    Thanks again for coming <3 We hope you like Porto Alegre.

  8. your one if kind jon bon jovi i have seen some of ur comments that u made some of your thoughts and the caring guy you are brought tears not once .the stiries you shared with fans .the song .simething abiut .you i wanne rescue .ilove that song .my family said rewinded again we didlisten to it 4 times …but i do listen to that song so aften .i love that song . ..ha hey keep up the music .much love british colombians

  9. Muito emocionada! Ingresso comprado pro show de Porto Alegre! Muitos anos de espera e muita ansiedade! Bon Jovi amo-te!

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