Bon Jovi at Rock in Rio: Sold Out!

Another day of Rock in Rio is sold out. On Monday, the 10th, the tickets for the 22nd of September, were sold out. That’s the day when Bon Jovi will perform at World Stage.

14 thoughts on “Bon Jovi at Rock in Rio: Sold Out!

  1. Jonny boy, please come to ITALYYYYY. I missed the show at MSG on aprile the 8th due to the rescheduling….


  2. I can’t be there ,but it is amazing have our guys here in Brazil ,I am so happy for others fans that will be there

  3. Hi does anybody Have Any information about São Paulo Trip? Today i read at newspaper local about This festival and BJ Will be There..I m from São Paulo Brasil

  4. Jon!! Come here in Portugal!! We love you, i hear your song since i’m baby, i love your job!!! Think in your Portugal fans please 🙂 I wish you very lucky on your life :)) Tânia

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