Bon Jovi Crashes FDU Graduation! GMA Providing Inside Look.

Bon Jovi crashed Fairleigh Dickinson University’s graduation! They were surprised with a performance by the band and some words by JBJ.

Earlier this year, a contest was held in partnership with MTVU; soon-to-be college graduates tweeted MTVU and the band using the special hashtag #JBJREUNIONCONTEST. FDU was the lucky winner and today they were treated by a special performance by JBJ, Tico, Hugh, and Phil X.


Good Morning America offered an inside look at the exciting day at Fairleigh Dickinson.

And in celebration of Graduation Season – a great video set to Bon Jovi’s “Reunion”.

6 thoughts on “Bon Jovi Crashes FDU Graduation! GMA Providing Inside Look.

  1. Jon that was good what u did with the graduation thing. But I’ve been posting about my sick friend Ruth here for over two months and I haven’t gotten a response, can u please come back to Philly again for round 3 of your tour? Hopefully she’ll be able to make it to your gig by then. Or try to pay her a visit in the Delaware area do a signing for your new book or something, that would be greatly appreciated,

  2. How can I get a signed autograph from John Bon Jovi and his band I’ve been a fan since 1985 I saw you in Nashville Tennessee on February 18 of this year but my sheets were way up high to the back of the wall.

  3. Jon, I have been a fan since I started high school in 1984, I’ve never been lucky enough to attend any of your concerts, but I still have and listen to your slippery when wet album daily at my job, I would love nothing more than to get an autographed picture of you and the band, and also one of just you and Ritchie.

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