Bon Jovi to be Inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame announced this morning that Bon Jovi will be inducted in 2018! With over one million votes, Bon Jovi also won the fan vote.

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony will take place on Saturday, April 14, 2018 in Cleveland, Ohio. Ticketing information will be released by the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in January. The ceremony will air on HBO and will also be broadcasted on SiriusXM.

Visit for more information on the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, 2018 Induction Class. 


134 thoughts on “Bon Jovi to be Inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

  1. I have been waiting for this day for as long as I have been a fan. I have always wanted to visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but waited specifically for my favorite band in the world to be inducted. Finally, the day has come. I will be there in April 2018!

      1. Congratulations, Long overdue.I wish my cousin Booker T. Washington was still with us. Cant you see him jump around.I was planning to be at Las Vegas show. But no area for disabled.Would like to talk to you. Very important..

  2. Of course Bonjovi will finally be inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2018!!!!! I voted pretty much every day! Have loved Bonjovi always. We named our British Shorthair beautiful cat after Him also. Everyone loves our Bonjovi too!!! Go guys go and have fun and enjoy this as you deserve it!! Glad your Fans could make this happen. Party On!!!!!!

  3. No one deserves it more! The hardest Rockin band in the world! You all just get better with age…..Hope to see you at the induction.Fan Forever.

  4. Bon Jovi well deserves it us fans always love showing our support and love to the band for everything they have shared with us I hope to witness the inductee congratulations !

  5. I am in Western Australia and I am going to beg beg BEG my husband to let me fly to America to see you. I have been to your Perth concerts but I am missing out! It has been too long in between tours for my ears! So happy for you all, what an achievement. Personal loan here we come!

  6. Congratulations! The greatest band and the soundtrack of my life! So wonderful moments with your songs, guys! Love you!!! Gaby, from Brazil

  7. Congrats Jon! You deserve this so much! So happy for you! I’m from Cleveland! Hope to be able to get tickets to come see you on your big day! My dream is to meet you! God Bless you, your family and band!

    Cindy Geary
    Cleveland, Ohio

  8. Congratulations! You guys deserve it you are the greatest band in the universe! I’ve been a Bon Jovi fan since I was 12 years old I’m 41 now. When you find a good thing you stick to it no one else can compare to you love you lots!

  9. Congratulations!!. I am happy y’all are being inducted into the ROCK & ROLL HALL OF FAME. . . FINALLY!!

    Big fan, love your music. I always feel GOOD when I listen to your songs. I get the same feeling when I listen to The Beatles.
    The music lifts me up.

    Thank you for all the music, for all the years!
    Susan (Fort Worth, TX)

  10. So well deserved-Congratulations. I began listening to your music with my daughters; they are grown and moved out of the house. I went to my first concert in Greenville, SC in 2017. It was amazing! Jan of Spartanburg, SC.

  11. An honor that is long overdue. Bon Jovi have been eligible for the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame since 2008, were nominated once previously in 2011, & finally are going to be inducted in 2018. Having been a fan of Jon & the boys since I was a child, this is the happiest moment for me as a Bon Jovi fan!

  12. So well deserved and long overdue! I’m looking over this morning at the “Bon Jovi Live 2011” chair I keep in my office with a big grin. Congratulations!


  14. Congrats to my guys, but as a true and loyal Bon Jovi fan from 1985, if Richie Sambora does not get to play at the ceremony, that will be a travesty beyond words. All that “Jersey guy hometown brotherhood loyalty” stuff would have been all talk, all these years just an act. Smoke. I will be disappointed more than I can express in this little box. You got there together, you needed each other…let the man play. You are coming off like a bitter old man and that needs to change pronto. Let the man play. Till the day that we die, Blood on F’ing Blood.


  16. I have been a fan since I first heard Runaway many, many years ago in high school. Made sure to marry a man who was also a devoted Bonjovian and tomorrow is our 33rd Anniversary. We have driven over 1200 miles roundtrip to see concerts. “Always” is OUR song, “It’s My Life” is my personal theme. Never was an honor so well and long deserved! Congratulations to you all!

  17. Congratulations, way to go! You were favorite band from my childhood! I wish to see you guys in concert the next time you are in town. Michael, from Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.

  18. There was never a doubt!!!!!!! Should have been automatic. God bless, you guys earned your stripes a long time ago. Congratulations!!!!!!

  19. Congrats! Great for years (decades) of hard work! EnjoyKeep up the good work and most of all the pleasure! Good job for all who works for and with the Bon Jovi Team! No donut TH I N F S tour should come to the Netherlands and celebrate this with the Dutch fans

  20. Congratulations!!! Thank you for all the great music! Can’t wait for your new songs 😀
    Please come back to Dallas, TX!!!

  21. Congrats! Great for years (decades) of hard work! EnjoyKeep up the good work and most of all the pleasure! Good job for all who works for and with the Bon Jovi Team! No doubt TH I N F S tour should come to the Netherlands and celebrate this with the Dutch fans

  22. Legends, still rocking and the music is still super. Was disappointed with how Richie left the band high n dry but Jon and the boys still kept going on. This could bring Richie back to his senses as there is room in the band for him and phil. Would be great to see the classic acoustic songs played by the founders of the unplugged sessions.

  23. Congratulations to you all for the good result obtained with great merit, thanks to the support of your fans (including me, I adore you!) Who have shown great loyalty to the band. I am an Italian woman of 61 years, I hope I can attend a concert next year, I hope you do it in Milan at the San Siro stadium, a mythical place of great emotions demonstrated on the 2013 tour on June 29th. My big dream is to be able to see and hear you. It ‘s the first time I write to you in English, forgive me if I made some mistakes. Best wishes and still wishes Merry Christmas to all the band and their families. You’re too strong guys! Ornella

  24. Yes guys!! Always good music. Love you so much! I hope to see you again at the next Runaway Tour! Continue, you are fantastic!
    From Mont-Laurier

  25. Congratulations omg I’m so happy , Bon Jovi my Favorite Band on the planet , you all deserve this honor finally l voted every day, l have been a fan since l was 12 my older siblings and fan saw you 12 times , l was so teared up when l found out I’m 31 now l have all your albums on my phone my birthday is in 3 Days this is the best present a young woman could receive congratulations again , Jon , David, Tico , Alex and Richie love all your music like Jon said it’s been a long time coming and finally it’s here . Congratulations again to all of you we are all so thrilled for you guys ! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  26. Congratulations!!. I am very very happy y’all are being inducted into the ROCK & ROLL HALL OF FAME. . . FINALLY!! Seanon greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina! ♥❤

  27. Congratulations!!. I am happy y’all are being inducted into the ROCK & ROLL HALL OF FAME. . . FINALLY!! Seanon greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina

  28. CONGRATS!!! You guys have deserved this for many many years and finally they could not deny you of this honor anymore!! Your fans have spoken!!! I will LOVE you Jon for eternity!! Thank you for the last 34 years! Could not have gotten through life without your beautiful music!!

  29. YESSS! Congratulations for your well deserved honour and place in history!! Dreams do come true 😉 My late husband and I saw you perform in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada in 2009. Thank you for all the music…simply spectacular!!

  30. Jon and the Band… Congratulations….I knew it in 1979….you had it then and you still have it now…Coach T is still glad you cut your hair….Rock them at the induction. Len “Coach” Zaleski

  31. Jon,
    Now it’s just joy. Happiness for you. Congratulations to the thousands of hearts that sing in the same voice: It’s My Life, Runaway, Lay Your Hands On Me, Keep The Faith, In These Arms, Bed Of Roses, Have A Nice Day, Always, This Ain’t Love Song, Hallelujah, New Year’s Day, Scars On This Guitar, Welcome To Wherever You Are, Blaze Of Glory, Roller Coaster, This House Is Not For Sale…, and many more songs.
    A fabulous 2018 for all the people who turn dreams into reality.
    Santos, S.P. – Brazil

  32. Jon, Richie, Tico and Bryan,
    Congratulations on this induction. No band has deserved this recognition more. Your commitment in making everyone happy through your music is inspiring. Thank you for your music and continued sounds that make you the “Best” in the Industry.

    I hope you make sure Richie plays with you guys. What a Team!!!



  34. Congratulations, Jon and rest of the Bon Jovi band!!! Well deserved honour. A big shout from New Delhi and your fans from India. Hoping to see you guys perform in India soon. Its long overdue.

  35. Finally!!! What a gratification!!!! You really deserved it!!! I voted EVERY day!!! Unfortunately i’ll not be able to be in Cleveland but i’ll be there with you with my heart……Now i’m waiting for the 2 new songs and i’m waiting for all you in Italy, for your next tour!!! I love you guys!!!!|

  36. Congrats Bon Jovi!!!!!!!!!!!! There was never a doubt it would happen this year. I voted everyday and was so excited when your fans went over the million mark on votes. Enjoy this long deserved honor.

  37. Congratulation to the best band on earth. You deserve this honor so much! I voted every day. Wish you all a very very merry christmas and all the best for 2018!!! Greetings from Germany, hope to see you soon on Tour.


  39. congratulations “bon jovi” im happy for you guys that you guys are getting inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame.

    we are Livin on a prayer i say in a song. like you guys. i hope to see you guys in concert here in pittsburgh.

    greg clontz.

  40. Ritchie Sambora should rejoin theband. Your music is not the same without him and I haven’t been to see you in concert since he left.
    Ritchie!!!!! Please come back???

  41. Congratulations to all of you! Well deserved recognition. Outstanding music and melodies, brilliant inspiring lyrics and above all, superb rocking entertainers! God Bless you all.

  42. Congrats, Jon!!!

    I really dig your songs. Your songs has been my inspiration when I was an uber driver.
    It never fails to uplift me in my loneliest hours. Whenever I listened to the intro of wanted it gives me extra boost
    to push thru to my bar hours of driving. I wonder if there’s a raffle that I can join to see you guys live in Rock Hall.
    I’m definitely in!

    More blessings to you,

    Paul from Cleveland

  43. I take advantage of this space to make my personal birthday wishes to John Shanks, I was born on the same day, but a few years ago. I ask you the courtesy to forward them to you. I don’t like social media. I am the usual Italian lady (now aged 62) who every now and then writes to you and waiting to see one of your concerts in Italy in Milan at the San Siro stadium. I thank you and I cordially greet you. Ornella.

  44. Well deserved, legends!!. I remember buying Slippery when wet in 1987, and seeing you in Sydney, you flew high above us during Living on a prayer. Awesome. I have unfortunately missed each freakin tour since due to work. I really hope you come back down to Oz. I will not miss it again. The wife and I love you guys.

  45. Congratulations again Bon Jovi very well deserved and it’s about time . Please follow me on Instagram and on Twitter? I’m 32 been a fan since l was 12 , saw you 12 times last time was on April 15 2017 it was an awesome show . I belong to your bandmerch club plus your wine club . My profile pic on twitter and Instagram is a huge Bon Jovi tattoo on my leg .im a cancer survivor l had it twice . I live in New York . Please follow me ? Your perfect ❤️Oh and l belong to the premium club l always have l bought lots of Christmas Bon Jovi not just for me but friends and my sisters plus my email changed its now susannamaried@gmail it was susand1020at this is a valid email address l got a new phone 2 days ago my wine club and my all my mail now go to this new email address when they put all my contacts in l had to make a new email because l forgot the password, my twitter and Instagram email address is but my personal one l had to change l have belonged to this bandmerch for a long time .

  46. Congratulations Bon Jovi well deserved and it’s about time , l have been a fan since l was 12 from my parents and my siblings. I’m a 32 year old young woman who has had breast cancer twice . I’m on twitter and Instagram l belong to your vip 119.00 club , l bought lots of Bon Jovi stuff from band merch plus l belong to your wine club . You are an amazing man with your jbj soul foundation. I haven’t received all my Christmas stuff yet ,l paid well over 200.00 for the rest of goodies I’m excited to receive. My email address that l have used for years I only had one , but l got a new iPhone and it wouldn’t accept this new email it was get in touch with bandmerch or your wine club they will tell you ? In the meantime can you please follow me on twitter and Instagram it would make me the happiest young woman in the world and the best Christmas present.

  47. I wrote Jon Bon Jovi a letter dated: October 21, 2017 that stated: “No worries, Your’re in! For sure, and it is long overdue and rightfully deserving. Bon Jovi is the best band in the entire world, and you will be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2018. It happened, their in, Yeah! I also gave a $200 dollar donation in supporting his JBJ Soul Foundation which is a wonderful cause and the food is excellent and the people are great. The band really rocked in Rock in Rio 2017 excellent performance by Jon Bon Jovi and his band. I am a fan forever. CONGRATULATIONS BON JOVI

  48. Does anyone from Bon jovi /or there admin team ever reply on here as fan be nice to be kept updated on tour news as sum of us haven’t got a money tree at the bottom of the garden as tickets get bought up by ticket masters sister site get me in and double even triple the price of a basic ticket does anyone care true fans are getting ripped off it’s only you guys can stop this it’s pure greed by ticket master if us fans stop buying tickets the band dosent exist

  49. Congrats to you, brothers from different mothers!! Most only hope and dream to it reach to the top, you lived it and achieved it under different times.

    You’re definitely an inspiration on many levels!! Thank-you for never giving up overcoming the odds.

    Congrats. Eric V.

  50. Congrats Bon Jovi! Can’t wait for the induction ceremonies. “Bobby’s an uptown lawyer, and Danny’s doing the best that he can, and Me I’m just a singer in a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Band” Blood on Blood…till the day that we die. Rocketh On!!!!

  51. Hi, Bon Jovi is the best rock band in the world, they are the best, well deserved the prize to the hall of rock fame. I’m a big fan of the band, I have all their albums and all my mp3 has the music of Bon Jovi. great regards, howard vasquez – colombia bogota

  52. The last time i was this excited about someone being inducted into the ”Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame”’ was when my idol Elviswas inducted!!!! I am Living on a pray!!

  53. I am very glad to hear it! I am excited and I am waiting for a long time. I want to go to Ohio but I use wheelchair. So I will not be able to go. If The Japanese TV program will go, I watch over guys from Japan. ❤️❤️❤️

  54. I have loved you guys since I can remember…. the permed hair and all so good to see you being recognised like this. More people should see and know of the good things you do too. Your Aussie fan, Justine in Noosa Queensland. Come back to Australia soon.

  55. Well Done Guys for the many years of Dedication you all have had!! Thank you Jon and the guys for sharing your gift with us all these years! I can’t wait to experience this moment with you! Congratulations! Amanda Detroit

  56. Peace be with all. I Love the Music from Bon Jovi! You-guys are my Heroes & I’ll always be a Super Fan!! I’ve always Enjoyed the songs & The Box Set is, just all that and more. Bon Jovi’s Limited offers are a favorite of mine. I’ll not ever forget Ridding the Snake & finding Easter eggs with Bon Jovi and the hidden footage was Awesome to Experience so,SMIRK,up New Music this 2018 year, Bon Jovi’s Got it Going On! Bon Jovi, Mialion,Loves you-guys! Have a Healthy & Happy New 2018 Year

  57. Well deserved my son and I saw you guys on Easter Weekend last year at MSG what a show by far you guys are my favorite band.

  58. They should DEFINITELY play “Blame It On the Love of Rock & Roll”; anyone know how to suggest to the band I have NEVER given up on????

  59. I visited USA two years ago and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Cleveland was a must. I was sad not to see this band there. I am a Bon Jovi fan since ’88 and, hearing about their nomination, I voted almost every day from all my emails addresses. I’m glad to see these great guys obtaining world recognition (that they fully deserve) also by this induction. I will visit Cleveland again, I hope it will be soon. Have a rewarding Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony! Greetings from Romania, we are waiting for a new concert in Bucharest. I was lucky enough to participate at the Live Listening Party in London Palladium in October 2016 and the new album will rock the stages again! All the best for 2018!

  60. Congratulations!! I’m a Jersey girl who first saw you guys live when you opened for Cheap Trick at Great Adventure in Jackson NJ waayyyy back. It was love forever!!!

  61. La mejor banda del mundo, I Love Bon Jovi, gracias por ser parte de mi vida. Estoy muy feliz de que ingrese al salon del Rock & Roll. Muy merecido, extraordinaria trallectoria, Mi Querido Jon Bon Jovi siempre contigo, nunca sin ti.

  62. Congratulations!!! Sooooo deserved!! Your music have changed our lifes!!! Receive the warmest congrats from Havana Cuba!! I can not thank you enough for your music and your passion. You should seriously consider to come to play in Cuba some day, you will be surprise with the HUGE number of fans, my family among them, all our lifes! Recieve all our love and respect, Ana (43), Luis (46) and Paula (17)

  63. I wish the band a lot of success Jon Bon Jovi! you deserve and fought hard for this great achievement. Shoot !!! I am very fan and I will be cheering for you! Renata from Brazil

  64. Wish our family were there in Cleveland for the ceremony. (If only we could get tickets, probably we would drive there tonight from NYC.)
    So happy, so proud of the band!!! Been a die hard (Thai) fan since my tween years. (Went to see your first concert ever in Thailand. Was right at the front roll. Awesome!) Now my kids 8, 6 and 3 sing Bon Jovi’s songs word by word. (except our 3 years old songs….”You give love a…..BATMAN!!! LOL)
    Congratulations and thank you for great works for all these years. You guys are awesome!

  65. Great to know you finally got inducted, truly a great price for all you’ve done for music…
    But best of all, was to see the band reunited again with Richie Sambora, as it should be, as it should become again…
    Bon Jovi is not really Bon Jovi without Richie’s guitar and backing vocals!!

  66. I’m cuban and I’m so happy for this price, is a way to confirm that Jon Bon Jovi is still alive, that Rock’n’roll is still alive, the good music is still alive. I’m so grateful for been living in this century, the century of BON JOVI. Thanks for existing. We’re waiting for you in Cuba, I hope some day you brings to cuban people a big and wonderful concert.

  67. Bon Jovi are my favorite group for long years. Some of the songs helped me when I was down. To me Bon Jovi are the best group ever and they marked my life through the years. Unforgettable! Jon, I was madly in love with you when I was a student and wrote a poem about you. You are the best!!

  68. I went to see you guys in Hyde Park London at the summer time festival and it was the best concert I have EVER been too… incident stop singing all night, lost my voice for two days but it was worth it…

  69. We weren’t going to go if they didn’t induct you!

    BON JOVI is Rock’s Most Famous Band in The WORLD!

    Of course we Have To Induct You!

    ROCK ON…

  70. Nine years ago, we could not get tickets for your concert in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. But finally you will come again to rock the Netherlands! THANK YOU! In a few days the ticket sale will start and we do hope that we will get the tickets this time, so that my best friend, her daughter, me and my daughter can sing along with your great songs in Nijmegen! Hopefully, this great wish will come true!

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