Jon Bon Jovi reunites with Sydney bride Branka Delic at Entertainment Centre gig

By Monique Cowper (Daily Telegraph)

JON Bon Jovi has been reunited with the Sydney bride who he walked down the aisle in Las Vegas.

Branka Cladera (Delic), a diehard fan of the band, made international news in October when her online campaign for Bon Jovi to walk her down the aisle at her Las Vegas wedding actually worked.

Not content with the one experience, Branka was determined to meet up with Bon Jovi again when he arrived in Sydney this week for two concerts.

His Vegas visit was a fleeting one which left her in shock so the bride wanted to make sure she thanked him properly for his generosity.

On Saturday night Branka and husband Gonzalo attended the massive outdoor Bon Jovi gig at Homebush like every other fan in Sydney.

But she had a secret plan - she was also going to the Sunday night show at the Entertainment Centre, where she had paid $500 for tickets in the 10th row, along with her girlfriends who had made up signs which read “Vegas Bride is Here”.


But Bon Jovi had his own plans. On Sunday afternoon Bon Jovi management contacted her to invite Branka and Gonzo to watch the band perform during sound check, to meet up with the man himself again.

"They asked us to be there in an hour and I was yelling at Gonz, ‘get in the shower now we can’t be late’,” she laughs.

They watched an unusually long sound check of over an hour before meeting up in a hallway backstage.

"Jon shows up with a big smile on his and I just ran at him and said, ‘give me a hug big boy’,” she said.

"He started laughing. It really did surpass my wedding day a million times over. This was the whole experience. As a kid I was that person who hung around the back of the Entertainment Centre seeing who would come in and out. Last night I was that person with my VIP pass. I could only dream that one day I would be walking down that hall at a Bon Jovi show, it was amazing.”

Branka said Bon Jovi was surprisingly nervous before the second Sydney show after changing the set list and was worried about the fan’s reaction.

"We told him he nothing he could do would disappoint fans,” she said. "He kept asking us about our honeymoon but I kept saying, ‘I don’t want to talk about us I want to talk about you’.”

The final touch for the night was that Bon Jovi management produced five extra seats for Branka, Gonzo and three friends to sit at the very front of the stage.

An over-excited Branka forgot to tell her friends, who turned up at the gig, only to be told their tickets for seats in the 10th row had been cancelled. “I was getting all these calls freaking out but when they found out they were so excited.”

They were even presented with bags full of every piece of Bon Jovi merchandise on sale.

It capped off a remarkable few months for the couple.


In September, Branka launched her bid to have Jon Bon Jovi walker her down the aisle at her wedding in Las Vegas. In soon became an online media campaign aided by the Hornsby Advocate.

Ms Delic’s Facebook page called ‘Bon Jovi, Walk Me Down the Aisle?’ attracted 1880 likes and attracted media attention in the US where it caught Bon Jovi’s eye.

Playing in Vegas at the same time as the wedding, the legendary rocker shocked the couple by turning up and making Branka’s dream come true.

BON JOVI’S final show on the Because We Can tour:

Tuesday 17December -  Suncorp Stadium, tickets from: 132 849