Jon Bon Jovi sails the high seas as his band prepares to finish the year's highest grossing international tour

By Helen Zhao (Mail Online)

Jon Bon Jovi has been a busy man, with his band achieving the status of highest-grossing world tour of 2013. Their 90-date Because We Can tour is due to end with one final performance on Tuesday in Brisbane, Australia. In between a tight schedule of concerts, the frontman was able to find some time off to kick back, relax, and enjoy the Australian scenery.


I’m on a boat! Jon Bon Jovi saluted cameras as he cruised about the Sydney Harbour amid his ‘Because We Can’ world tour

The Bon Jovi front man was spotted cruising in a recreational boat in Sydney Harbour on Monday, looking to be having the time of his life as he enjoyed the fresh air and breeze and hit it off with fellow passengers.

The 51-year-old rock star kicked back at the stern of the boat in order to enjoy the outdoors and a panoramic view of one of the world’s finest harbours. He expressed feelings of elation and perhaps triumph during such a successful tour as he acknowledged cameras with a high reaching wave - resembling a salute as though to say, ‘Ay captain!’


Say cheese! The 51-year-old rock star took time off in between his back-to-back shows in Sydney and his final show in Brisbane on Tuesday

The father of four looked clean cut and cool in black shades, a white cap, a form fitting black polo, necklaces, belted blue jeans, and black sneakers. He wandered around the boat, engaging chummily with fellow passengers and seeming to exude a charming and larger than life presence.


Larger than life: The father of four and his band has achieved the status of highest-grossing world tour of 2013, ranked by Billboard

It’s no wonder he’s in high spirits, considering his iconic band is about to wrap up a smashingly successful world tour that kicked off in Washington D.C. in February and then took the band members all across Canada and the United States, down to South Africa, through Europe, South America, Japan, and finally, Australia.

His restful afternoon in the Sydney Harbour came after two back-to-back shows in Sydney: one on Saturday at the ANZ Stadium, where Kid Rock also performed, and then on Sunday at the Sydney Entertainment Centre.

According to Billboard, the New Jersey rockers achieved the status of highest-grossing tour of 2013, more than the next-biggest touring musician, P!nk.

Such an achievement is not a first for Bon Jovi - having finished in 2008 as well as 2010 as Billboard’s highest grossing of the year, according to the BBC.


Charismatic musician: Jon engaged fellow passengers in chummy conversation

Jon Bon Jovi took a well deserved afternoon of rest, with his grand finale performance just around the corner: at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane on Tuesday, also featuring Kid Rock as a special guest.