Highlights of Sirius XM Interview with JBJ

Jon Bon Jovi spoke with Nik Carter and Lori Majewski on Sirius XM today to discuss the recent Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction announcement. Check out the highlights now.


JBJ Thanks Fans For Voting For Bon Jovi In The RRHOF Fan Vote:


Richie Sambora & Alec Such Will Be Invited to Play at RRHOF Inductions:


Two New Bon Jovi Songs Are Coming Soon:


Evolving As An Artist:

21 thoughts on “Highlights of Sirius XM Interview with JBJ

  1. Questa scelta ti fa onore Jon, in Italia diciamo che “Signori si nasce, non si diventa” e tu lo sei! Questa notizia farà felici tutti i fans che non aspettavano altro! Sapere che sarete lì tutti insieme il giorno della premiazione è bellissimo! Quanta emozione ci darete? Indescrivibile! Il Vostro motto era “Tutti per uno, uno per tutti”. Ancora tanti auguri a tutta la band compreso Alec e Richie. Vi adoro…Ornella, signora ilaliana.

  2. I am a die-hard fan from America Bandstand era!! I NEED to meet them in my life time, I am 64, and have a story to tell them that ended up with me getting my leg amputated! Someone plz plz plz help me met my man, esp JBJ!! Not like a quick meet and greet, but I just want to hang out with him/ them for awhile!! Anyone can help me??

  3. Thanks bon jovi for the alsome music songs and all of the great work you do would love to meet you some day you rock wish i could get the rest of your cds i had them all intell 2008 when i ended up in a really bad car wreck going to work we love your band from all us in avoca wis you rock the rock and. Roll hall of fame so very well deserved long time coming i voted every day

  4. Thank You Bon Jovi for being my one all time favourite band.
    You have got me through life.

    I look forward to seeing you again in the UK in the near future xx

  5. cant wait for new tour dates.. Pretty please come back to Mohegan Sun in Ct.. I will definetly be there, and congrats to making it to the rock and roll hall of fame. I voted every single day.

  6. Gracias por seguir tocando, me encanta el álbum The Circle, es mi favorito, y creo mi canción favorita es We Weren´t born to follow, la amo, sigan tocando y que cada año sea mejor que el anterior

  7. John Rember me stopping by your house to bug you for autosYour little brother Matt at the time I believe was probably 12 or so he was a gracious young man and brother And your mother who did all the hard work to start the Back Stage with BonJovi fan club Very nice and hospitalble mother who almost never turned me away We would have a glass of wine and would wait till you would or wouldn’t make it home I hope she is well I helped out at the Fountain Casino when your truck broke down and me and T. Mac and Pete took until the sun came up you offered me money I refused u promised you would sight and deliver the first album when it was released I came home on day and as you promised it was sighed and delivered and was also a not for sale Promtional copy I was quite surprised It was stolen from Kim D house on Johnson lane the old one we lived there for a while Any wY everybody in Sayreville is proud that you have made it in to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Someone always shares your stuff with all the people you grew up with come and visit my site your name is mentioned often Congradulations

  8. Well done guys just proves true artists do get rewarded for dedication and hard work am a long term jovi fan who s followed them from 1983 to present seeing them 85 at the Hammersmith odeon the first of many gigs I travelled around the uk last time in the U.K. Was 2013 it’s to long to wait there’s rumours that it could be as long as 2019 summer before you visit the U.K again come on guys where all getting older no other band appeals to me to watch

  9. Thanks to Jon Bon Jovi and his band for the beautiful music and songs that inspires me and others. Happy New Year to you Jon and your family as well as your band. Please let your fans know your 2018 tour dates. God Bless you all.

  10. Mr Jon. & band nicely done and well deserved…
    Singer-Songwriter-instrumentalist-producer-Dan Barcan=also from New Jersey but the North Side of town here…
    p.s…Jon, Cool band then and now and some of the best fans in music history!
    Somewhere i gotta pic of myself and Dave,myself and Tico and myself and Richie haha,,.
    Jon you were way too busy @ the moment and Alec didn’t want to be bothered whatsoever either/as well…
    I was at your show and then post show party @ Giant Stadium 1988 or there about i will say???
    – Stadium gig and your family and mom were there if i remember correctly and the people who set up your fan club & fans as well were there and so proud of you dude….Great charity as well JBJ Soul Kitchen=A+ and your other philanthropy in Philly helping people out w./ public housing for those who have not…And those songs…Outside of Myself and The Beatles there aint many better haha…
    Anyways keep up the good work and which ever musical or movie direction you go keep rockin on Jon and keep the faith!
    Jon,Tico,Dave with Phil and Hugh as well as Richie and Alec from the past…And the cool road crew and studio peoples,family,fans,friends etc etc,,,May you Rock on Forever!

  11. Also Happy New Years to all Bon Jovi members,family,friends and of course their fans=some of if not the best in the world and dedicated & with much loyalty!
    Hey i remember the good ole days as well,when MTV was giving away Jon’s first family house incl. w/ a swimming pool=Can you imagine?
    Also reading about the Power Station days with Dave “Snake”Sabo and you jumping on stage w/ Bruce Springsteen @ 16 years old in a Jersey Club/Stone Pony? cant remember which club JBJ,,,David Bryan from childhood school days=loyalty as well as the others Tico,Richie,Alec etc etc etc
    f-school=welcome back kotter was better! You were a bit like John Travolta as well yo..Demo songs w/ Aldo Nova=cool
    And producing Billy Falcon=a song called=power windows=cool=I actually bought that single no joke dude in the early 1990’s (or late 1980’s)
    Cool times 3!
    Jon is like John Lennon meets Oscar Schindler=Philanthropy times ten=And an owner with a Macca-McCARTNEY commercial pension for top 40 hits…
    Jon all this kissing up,maybe i can get a cool job w/ ya staff or better yet you can produce one of my original songs sometime as well A-SAP! haha
    Let me MP3 em to ya anytime…it shows the new jersey influence as well..
    Anyways one more time keep up the cool work and don’t forget about the little peoples who could just as easy be Big peoples in the world…
    rock on=keep the faith=Bonjovi/JBJ
    sincerely,,,DAN BARCAN

  12. Hola! Jon Bon Jovi, it would be nice if you could give your fans a block party, at the Red Bank, New Jersey JBJ Soul Kitchen, I listen to your music on you tube, I can’t afford your tickets, but I am a fan forever, I want to thank you and your wife for all the good you both do for so many people, and I have and will continue to donate to your foundation as much as I can, your kindness is appreciated. I never met you in person, but I watch You Tube and your face, and your songs and your beautiful voice gets me through the day. I am a world traveler, I have been to Greece, Turkey, France, Italy, Spain, Israel, Mediterranen, and Austria and now I am going to Australia, and New Zealand, I have friends that live there. I wish I could meet you one day at a concert in New York City or at the Count Basie theatre in Red Bank with Southside Johnny, that would awesome, your JBJ Soul Kitchen is great and so are the people, Bon Jovi Rocks forever! and Jon Bon Jovi you and Dorothea are heroes to me, like Ellen says, “Be Kind to one another” and you both a living proof you have goodness and a warm heart.

  13. I love Bon Jovi have been a fan from the beginning. I’m just wondering why they never come to Buffalo, NY or Darien Center, NY when they go on tour

  14. Hey part 3… To my lovely trilogy of emails to the Great Bon Jovi and their awesome honest fans who are one of the best in music or any history for that matter and you will learn that by not just reading a book or a magazine article but my experiencing them.tailgates @ concerts etc..i haven’t been to the newer arenas and venues in jersey but i hear they are good…Bon Jovi Fans are like deadheads on non ludes-high on life itself,good catchy music,and a nice drink+food,BBQ etc’s and a confession or 2..This is my ALTAMONT Part 3 version haha,i didn’t just read about the power station from back in those day… i was chilling back then there in the studi,bringing my news songs,demos what seemed to be every few months or so haha i use to go down there quite often and hung out with various peoples=cool times,i was always clean though,just my lovely warm presence could light up the sky light of the goyem summer days,whether being introduced to new peoples tony’s latest girlfriend,one was a cute Asian at his apartment,once i almost take in by Johns security i had CD’s on my,i never would capitalize on someone else bizness,so i would bring my demos or other peeps Cd’S-(MAYBE ONCE),,
    My own demos no comment…..Anyways they let me go,,Almost in cuffs…But Rock n Roll’s Schindler saved me…Then again almost got me arrested as well haha which i kinda don’t blame him from his side/point of view…He’s still a classy guy and classy band meets street tough combined”play the the song ‘Too tough”By The Rolling Stones and you’ll get Bon jovi they are/were tough and remain tough to this day,but not hard tough or hard on’s via personality wise,Just tough to the point of they practice what they preach hard work what they believe and their morals are good overall…Although i watched an a interview where Jon told the interviewer that he’s from a military family and backround and yet you said you start your day early and wake up by noon?????noon????? noon????…Jon c’mon noon?? noon??? God Bless ya!!! haha….Anyways,,John is the same guy who backed up Southside Johnny as an honorary Juke (back up musician band member aka MELVIS as coined by Southside himself if i remember correctly???All this by memory in all my 3 comments on here,Anyways just so he could be one of the regular guys,,,Can you imagine being that selfless and just playing guitar and back up vocals for the team being on that Level of popularity that Jon was and his track on Southside’s comeback album in 1991 Better Days-which even the Boss took that album title for one his new albums in 1992=seemed quite strange=but that’s the boss strange (but cool as well) haha…But most importantly lets not lose site of the band and all the magic by adding Dave,Tico,…and Hugh and Phil and of course the amazing Richie along with entrepreneur bicycle store Alec (back when)…Anyways it all worked and all the different personalities played their proper roles in the deciding factor that Bon Jovi would be One Of The Biggest Bands Of All-Time!!!…p.s. i gotta learn how to drive my beat up car to Newark to catch you guys playing,been awhile,play met life soon guys?? Or maybe the MSG show,feel free to invite me anytime”on you” haha…It’s always an american Treasure to see Rock Royalty and i’m not just talking The Rolling Stones,to quote somebody way back when,,,,when Pete Townshend had spoken of Mick Jagger turning 40! Don’t completely grow up it wouldn’t suit you! i second that!! stay young all you guys keep doing your thing musically Jon,Richie (amazing solo stuff as well)David,Tico,Alec,Phil,Hugh,Bobby B…You Guys Rule!! and..Don’t forget it!! You can rock w/ the best of em…And Elite yet down 2 earth,and gritty all rolled into one…Melvis and the boys have proven that staying power from a band does not only belong in England or Europe,But New Jersey-USA!! Peace-Dan B.

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