JBJ Interview on Sunday TODAY with Willie Geist

Willie Geist of The TODAY Show joined the band on tour this past month and now you can watch the interviews he did with JBJ and the band as they talk about touring, musical influences, and more. 

Check out the full write-up here or click the images below to be brought to the selected interview. 

5 thoughts on “JBJ Interview on Sunday TODAY with Willie Geist

  1. Bedenke: Jon boy ( Caesar) es ist keine Schlacht das du durch die Länder gehst und die Ordens , Trophäen, Verdienste, { Krone } von anderen nimmst an anderen gibst, um deiner Frau zu beweisen das sie die beste ist.

  2. Another great Bonjovi concert in Memphis! Nashville was awesome too! These guys always amaze me! I love watching Phil X
    Jon you still got IT! Thanks for the memories.

  3. I wish that bonjovi would come back to Ottawa, OntarIo, Canada. I don’t know of anyone that doesn’t love him. His concert here, was fantastic. I hope he’ll think about it.

  4. Celebrated my 50th birthday and all I wanted was to see Bon Jovi, so I went and had a fabulous time last night in Chicago with my sister . Check one thing off my bucket list . They are phenomenal . Non stop fun. Can’t wait to see them again . Thanks to Bon Jovi for making my 50th so memorible.

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