Jon Bon Jovi on Facebook Live

Jon Bon Jovi went live on Facebook on November 30 to answer you questions, thank fans for 1M+ Rock Hall votes, and more!

11 thoughts on “Jon Bon Jovi on Facebook Live

  1. Dear Johnny!

    My name is Izabela ,I live in Wałbrzych(Poland)
    I think that Bon Jovi is the Best Rock’n ‘Roll Band over the World!!!!
    Jonny I vote everyday for Bon Jovi❣️❣️❣️
    Blessed sunday!
    Take care!
    See you soon!

  2. Hi Jon,

    Thanks for your broadcast! Never fear, you are NOT the last person to join social media. That would be me. I’m still proudly non-social media!
    See you in 2018!

  3. Thank you for not only providing the world with great music but for also showcasing honest and sincere work ethics. A solid foundation provides support; allows growth with work ethics being the foundation for all facets of life.

    Thanks Again
    Lisa E~

  4. Did you and Gwen Stefani perform for Pope Francis on 12/5/17 as it was reported? Can’t find any info anywhere? Or was it false news? I think it would have been great if you did and wanted to read about it. Thank you for your years of good music.

  5. I am so pleased in your work with charities!!!! Your Soul Kitchen; your work with homeless individuals fascinates me. As the CAO of the largest homeless shelter provided in Northern VA; I really would love to speak with you sometime. No, I’m not a crazy gaga fan of your band. Heck, somehow I didn’t even know you existed until recently. While I am 59; I missed your whole music somehow-I think I went country after being in Cheyenne, Wyoming for my deceased husbands job in the 80’s.
    But now I’m very concerned about the homeless numbers in the biggest County of the US. I would love to understand your model; and what you are doing better. And why Philly? rather than New Jersey? That confuses me. But you are really making a difference in homelessness!!! A huge difference. As I said; I need to know your model. The testimonies I see on line; such as the guy that says he feels like a “man” again with having his own place; a place that you helped happen!!!!!

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