What is the difference between upgrading and renewing?

A Renewal will extend your membership term for another year from your expiration date if your membership is still currently active. For example, if your membership is set to expire on July 1st, and you renew, your membership will then expire on July 1st the following year.

If your membership hasn’t expired yet, you can renew your membership by going to the “Account” section and clicking on the “RENEW” link.

If your membership has already expired, you can renew your membership by going to www.bonjovi.com/join and clicking on the “RENEW NOW” link for the package you would like.

An Upgrade will upgrade your current package to a higher package for a pro-rated amount, but will NOT extend your membership for another year. For example, you can upgrade your membership from “Online Only” to the “Standard” or “Signature” memberships.

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