Roller Coaster – Live in Philly

Watch Bon Jovi perform “Roller Coaster” during their May 3, 2018 show in Philadelphia, PA. 

9 thoughts on “Roller Coaster – Live in Philly

  1. Love this song so much and love the band with all my heart. As a little girl and teen I went through so many bad times. Music, reading, the love of nature and my faith in God helped me through. But when I was 9 going on 10 things had gotten progressively worse for me. So much so I would cry myself to sleep every night and pray to God I would die. I just wanted the pain over with. But than God answered my prayers in another way in the form of an amazing band filled with men who love music as much as I did and with a lead singer whose voice could calm me and make me feel safe no matter how bad it got or how scared I was. They became my Saviors and he, Jon became my Superman. When ever I couldn’t sleep I would listen to the radio and pray that something would come on to help me sleep and every time not more than a few minutes late they would come on. I would her Jon’s voice and instantly feel safe and protected and before the song was over I was fast asleep. They saved me so man time without even knowing it. Saved me from just giving up and taking my life. They will always be my Heros. Thank you Jon, Alec, Richie, Tico,David, Phil X, Hugh, and Everette. God Bless you all. You will always have my undying love and admiration. Your Forever Fan Carrie,

  2. To fan Carrie- Thank you for sharing your story. You beautifully described the healing power of music. I am thankful that you found strength and chose life. Continue to choose life, please. Your story provides hope and the world needs more hope and less hate. Sending Love to you, ALWAYS.

  3. I love the group and all your songs. Jon voice is magical and he smile…
    Your music help me to relax. Perhaps one day I going to see you live.
    Thanks to your beatiful words and messages.

  4. Thanks for sharing I was at this show 2 days after my older brother passed away. I was able to get my first floor seats(3rd row Phil’s side) it was an even better escape than usual. Great time and show

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