Runaway to Paradise with JBJ

Runaway to Paradise with Jon Bon Jovi in 2019! Runaway Tours and Sixthman are teaming up to bring together 2,200 fellow runaways for four days of non-stop action as we sail away to meet up with Jon.

Choose your own adventure: we’re cruising from Miami to Nassau, Bahamas in April AND Barcelona, Spain to Palma, Majorca in August! Dig your toes in white sand by day and rock out with JBJ by night on a music festival at sea you’ll never forget!


When you Runaway to Paradise you’re in for a fully-immersive Jon Bon Jovi experience:

– Four day roundtrip cruise with two extraordinary Jon Bon Jovi experiences live in concert with the Kings of Suburbia

– One Q&A Storyteller acoustic set

– One autographed commemorative poster


Book one of the first 400 cabins and you’ll receive a photo with JBJ and your cabinmates!


Ready to Runaway with JBJ? Register for the pre-sale for priority booking. You can register to book before the general public for one or both of our Runaway to Paradise events. Simply, click the button below and sign up for your desired adventure! If you’d like to set sail on both cruises, be sure to register for the pre-sale on each site.


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24 thoughts on “Runaway to Paradise with JBJ

  1. since the early nineties I was in high school I remember that in my walkman what I never stop listening to was Bon Jovi his songs were part of my education

  2. Helloy, my name ia Faby, from Mexico. I’m big fan and i fall in love with you when hace 16 years old hahahaha, on no, but could you considered come to mexico city, i like see you and listen all yours songs. Think about. Thank you.

  3. wow, that will probably be a nice happening. think it will become a precious thing for the ordinary fan. would like to attend such a thing but if I wanted to do that with someone it is a very expensive affair. nevertheless I think it will be a great happening. but I do have a question. there are rumors that Bon Jovi is coming to Europe (the Netherlands), is it about this event or are there anymore appearances in the Netherlands.
    Greetings and have a Nice day

  4. Yet again the normal fans Are getting priced out of seeing you guys when u got families it’s impossible just want to see u guys back in the uk normal gigs for normal prices we’ve supported you guys from the beginning it just seems harder to see you guys

  5. Hoi mijn naam is ELS DE RUDDER BEN 45 JAAR EN WOON IN BELGIE .Mijn vraag is komen jullie naar Belgie met de Europese tour volgend jaar ,zo jaar waar en wanneer aub .Met veel lieve groetjes uit Belgie .xxxxx

  6. Why do ‘fans’ so often complain about events being out of reach & too expensive for normal fans… it’s akin to complaining that the Tiffany Ring you’d really like is just not affordable and that’s just not fair for normal people!!! When you think about what’s on offer on the cruise it’s undoubtebly worth every dollar plus some. . I’m booked for the cruise & am coming from Australia for it & technically can’t afford it but it’s a priority that I will make happen….

  7. Your loyal fans would much rather you tour Europe again so that we can all come see you, rather than the wealthy few!
    It’s been too long. Please come back – we miss you in the UK

  8. This beyond my wildest dreams!!!!I live in Miami and cruise to Bahamas often.I am a Bon Jov fã for so many years..i went to several concerts in many countries many times.. visit his restaurant in Jersey.. went to his tv appearances in Brazil and more!Everyone that knows me surely knows I am faithful to him and will always be!He is the man of my life!I m goinggggg!!

  9. É meu sonho vê Bon Jovi de pertinho.To indo pro Rock in Rio em setembro e em novembro vou pra Nova Jersey conhecer o seu restaurante,quem sabe eu tenha a sorte de encontrá-lo.Sou de Recife/PE,como queria que ele viesse fazer um show aqui.Bon Jovi mimha paixão.

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