Runaway Tours Announces Three Exclusive Trips

runawaytours_20160916Runaway Tours announced THREE trips to choose from to see Bon Jovi perform their album This House Is Not For Sale in its entirety! It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for fans to join Bon Jovi as they celebrate the new album release!

October 9th – 11th in London, England
The London Palladium

October 16th – 18th in Toronto, Canada
The Queen Elizabeth Theater

October 19th – 21st in New York City
The Barrymore Theater

These one of a kind trips feature intimate performances by the band and space is extremely limited. They WILL sell out, so purchase your package now while they are still available!

Get info here:

*Note: The Runaway Tours trips are not part of the ticket giveaway. Sign up for the mailing list to be notified when the giveaway begins*

121 thoughts on “Runaway Tours Announces Three Exclusive Trips

  1. Been a fan for 32 years ..this is this is the first band i loved and liked ..they rock …i love thier new album cant wait till i get it …

  2. I love Bon Jovi. I saw you guys when I was 7 my very 1st concert ever. I haven’t been able to see you since because you don’t come close enough to the Cincinnati area or/too expensive or just sold out. My boyfriend and I don’t have the same taste in music but this is 1 concert we would love to see together.

  3. I have been a fan since the beggining. Been on 2 fan club trip with my partner in crime aka my sister. We live on Long Island and will be moving to Florida in November, would love love one last trip with Bon JovI !!! WOULD BE A DREAM COME TRUE… We cant afford it right now with all my money going to the move.. What a send off this would be.. Missing my Bon Jovi.

  4. My mother was Jon’s biggest fan. I was going to bring her to the show a couple of years ago but she passed away before I had the chance. The best band this side of the Beatles! Hey Phil……I haven’t seen you since we used to jam at the Artful Dodger. Would love to see you rockin’ it with the band and catch up a little.

  5. Been a fan since the beginning love love love jbj and the boys from jersey. Even have made my kids fans my daughter wanted to invite them to her 3rd birthday party…had to explain that they were probably busy lol. Love you guys keep making music and I’ll keep on listening!

  6. I’ve been a Bon Jovi fan for as long as I can remember, my nan even said to me when I was 14 “do you love Jon Bon jovi more than me” ha RIP nan!! Would absolutely love to see them live in London again ❤️

  7. I would love to win free tickets to NY so my 4 year old grand baby girl can see her ROCK STAR ON MEEMEE ITS BON JOVI HE HAS THE POWER TO TURN BAVK TIME . SHE KNOWS EACH SONG TO THOES .

  8. I have been listening to Bon Jovi since the very beginning. My sister Fern Scourby and I have been to every show possible through raising children, attending shows, going on 2 Bon Jovi fanclub trips, working and trying to grow older gracefully. Now the time has come to move on and unfortunately leave Longet Island. It has been great being in the same area as Bon Jovi and nothing would be better then see them in our home area again before moving. Funds are short now though just can’t swing it with the out of state move down south. We would hate to miss it. But, we can only pray they come to Florida and hope my sister and I win this outrageous trip…Have a nice day !

  9. I’ve Been a fan for just three years but wow that are still the best years in my life. I sadly never be at a concert that’s why I hope to win the Tickets. Would be amazing:)

  10. Would be a dream come true come true
    My Granddaughter is autistic and learning disabilities she loves Bon Jovi just as much as I do. It would be great to take her to see them in a smaller setting

  11. I am a huge fan on Bon Jovi for 32 years to the point where I have gotten 4 tattoos that represent my loyalty… Not only am I a loyal fan I am a supporter of the Soul Kitchen and what it represents.. I haven’t been on a Runaway Tour but would love to be part of one because circumstances in my life got in the way… I would love to win this and make my dreams all come true….. Blessings

  12. I would love to win the give away. I have been a Bon Jovi fan for as long as I can remember, around 17 years. I have also followed all their solo careers.
    Unfortunately I am getting married on their tour dates in London on Sunday 9th October in Colchester Castle. Would be a dream come to true if the band could pop by lol. I will be walking down the aisle to Richie’s In it for love and signing the register to Thank you for loving me

  13. Would love this gutted ticket only with no hotel option sold out so quick for London as it was the only one I could afford after missing out in Dublin because I was 9 months pregnant

  14. i love your music,you bring many people joy and happiness. you help many in need with JBJ soul kitchen, you are a special person. my bucket list would be to meet you. awesome!!!!!!

  15. I absolutely love this band and really want to go to London but it’s pretty expensive. Right now trying everything I can to get money together.❤️

  16. Bon Jovi has been in my life from the beginning. I couldn’t have made it through those tough times without their music. Love you guys:)

  17. I have never had the chance to be at one of the concerts….I missed sooo many!!! I was too young to go to the New Jersey Concert in Rome..and I still remember the date 14/11/1988! I hope that London, my favourite city, will give me this opportunity after 18 years!

  18. I’ve seen the boys 47 times, my goal is 50 b4 I hit 50 (3 years)… need tour dates soon so I can accomplish this as I can’t afford these intimate gigs although it would be a dream come true xxx

  19. Russia is waiting for you many, many years. We are not terrible like in 1989. we have grown old while waiting. You changed our lives then we have to look at the world differently. We love, love, love and wait!

  20. Hi Jon , i love you very much and wish to see you and the boys hope to win a ticket to the tour , hugs and kisses to you Sarit from Israel.

  21. Hi I love seeing you in concert JBJ, I would love to win tickets to see you but if I don’t, are you going to do larger concerts so I will be able to take the rest of the family x

  22. This is a very kind act to offer tickets so thank you and good luck to everyone. I am sure this album will be as amazing as all the others

  23. This House is not for sale well I’m in Ireland so I can’t go by Rail . i have always wanted to see You wail, so hopefully I will prevail and You will send Me tickets in the mail . Love Bon Jovi .

  24. I never had the chance to join such an intimate show because never ever any of my favorite bands and musicians came to Austria for playing small promotion concerts… This is why I need to go to London! It’s not easy for a student to buy these special and expensive tickets so please think of me when those free tickets are given away!!
    (sorry for doublepost, I don’t know if my post before was sent…)

  25. I would love to see Bon Jovi on tour as I come from England but i can ever get tickets and I love to take my mum to see you as she love u she think u get better with age

  26. Been a fan of al things Bon Jovi since 1982. Number 1 bucket list item: to meet the band up close and personal and give them all a hug for all that they have added to my life!

  27. I have been a fan since the beginning. Bon Jovi was my first concert. My husband is also a fan. My daughter is also a fan and now has a Bon Jovi tattoo, not just for the band, but also for me since Bon Jovi is my favorite band. I loved the band even before their break through success of Slippery When Wet. Would be a dream to meet Jon someday. Much love and success with the new album. Love what I heard so far and can not wait to hear the rest and to see the band live again.

  28. Wish could go it would be dream come true. But Dates don’t work with fact have Appointments in Ottawa that weekend. If in Ottawa would have been great. My two boys are fans also. Love the band and the songs and everything they do for the average and poor. Keep it up guys

  29. My wife and I anniversary is on October 1st. She would love nothing more than seeing Bon jovi on our special day. Glad you guys are coming around again. Psyched to see another great show as usual.

  30. Have been a fan for such a long time. It would be such a great honor to be able to see Bon Jovi in such an intimate atmosphere. I sure could use some picking up with all the health issues I have been having to deal with lately. It’s my life. It’s now or never . I ain’t gonna live forever, I just want to live while I’m alive. <3

  31. if theres a pr of tix for count basie onoct 1st that’d be great.i used to work at the fastlane when you played to about 50people a night.i think it was a weds.i did the cleanup and worked the stagelighting for tony pallagrossi.after your hit with runaway I never got to see you again.i also worked for the sound company that you hired when skidrow had the platinum party at the Berkley carteret in Asbury parkthen I went into truck driving and ended up in Iraq..while I was in Iraq as a contractor I played a lot of your music to get me through some squirrely situations.i ended up getting hurt and came home to find you had bobby bandiera in your band.that was great.problem wasi had PTSD verybad and couldn’t be around anyway i worked for cats for a few yrs with bobby and maybe could have gotten in touch for a seat but I was sick.i guess this show at the basie is now my only opportunity

  32. I would love to win a ticket to see you in my hometown Toronto please! It would be an awsome birthday present and the show is sold out for single tickets! I have been a fan from the start and would love to win! You Rock Guys!!!

  33. I’ve never missed a concert since 1987!! Even when you did 5 shows in a row here in Toronto, I went to all 5!! I am a Huge Fan!!! I even won #1 Fan across Toronto from Breakfast Television a few years back. I won a trip to NY City to see you preform MTV Live… (I got your guitar pick at the end of the show) But I’ve never been able to meet Mr. Jon Bon Jovi in person! This would be a dream come true!! I would love to win tickets to be able to go to this private concert in Toronto!

    looking forward to winning these tickets!!!

  34. I would love to win a ticket to my hometown Toronto please! It would be an awsome birthday present and the single tickets are sold out! I have been a fan from the start and I would love to win please! You Guys Rock!!!


  36. I believe that everything I can imagine is real, so, going to your show isn’t just a dream it’s REAL! When I sing your songs I’m repeating what you already said. But when I listen to them I’m learning something new. New feelings, emotions.
    Love you guys <3

  37. OMG it would be a dream to get tickets for the Count Basie Theater. I am not sure how to enter to win. I love love love love this band.

  38. Would love to win Count Basie tickets got engaged 16 years ago at the China Club show on stage with the band and on VH1 would love to see them again at Count Basie.
    Can’t afford tickets to shows especially trying to raise a kid

  39. I would love to attend any show and all shows that you play, you have been my favorite band since I was in high school when your first album came out! I live in the Philadelphia area and so any show close to here I would love to win for it would be the best experience ever for me as I struggle everyday with back pain from a car accident caused by someone else that didn’t bother to slow down at all wile I sat at a stop sign and ran right into the back of me. Winning this would be so amazing and help me take my mind off things even if just for a little wile! Thank You!

  40. Hey no opening this contest while I’m sitting on a plane in the sky today. Off to Disneyworld from the UK today, and I will cancel if I have to….. Just to get my hands on these tickets!!!!!!! Bon Jovi are my Disneyland!!!!!

  41. Della Smith,
    I have been a long time fan of your music. I have been through rough times in my life and your music has made me want to live. I have tried to end my life, but with your music keeps me going. I am not able to get to see you in your concerts. I am not sure how much money a ticket is I am on Social Security and money is very tight and I would like to see you in the concert is I hope that you would pick me for this reason. I do understand that you have lots to choose from. if I not choose please let me know where I can see you soon near Quincy IL. Thanks for your time and God bless you and your family and friends.

  42. I would love tix for London! I have been a fan for 30 years and Bon Jovi music is the Story of my Life!! Please pick meeeeeeee

  43. Been a fan and crazily in love with your songs since I was 13 Y.O. now am 34 and the count is on.. All my teenage memories evolve around you (BIGG HEART).. Never had the chance to see you live though.. Am from Beirut, Lebanon and you have a huge community of fans here… I hope you would consider holding a concert here that would shaaake the earth :)) Else, I would follow you to eternity… love.. JT

  44. Omg Omg I have been a fan for 33 years I have been to all your shows I’m the UK..
    I’m in Newyork from the 16.10.16 fly home on the 21.10.16 we are in Newyork for my Fiance 50th birthday, it would be a dream come true to see you play in Newyork city. This must be fate……! Much love Trudie Jovie Molloy

  45. First rock band that truly spoke to me! Amazing energy at concerts! Hope to make it to the NJ event! \o/ … Born to be my baby, Dry coutry, These days, Make a memory… What an awesome and unique sound of each albom that you guys release! Hope to find the new album on vinyl! Thank you guys for such wonderful music! <3

  46. Woah! I’m really loving the template/theme of this blog. It’s simple, yet effective. A lot of times it’s very difficult to get that “perfect balance” between usability and visual appearance. I must say you have done a great job with this. In addition, the blog loads extremely fast for me on Safari. Superb Blog!

  47. I fell in love with Bon Jovi’a music many moons ago when they opened for Brian Adams. Since then I have enjoyed many concerts, albums and great songs. As I write this, I am at Notre Dame University waiting to check an item off my bucket list, Go Irish, listening to a Bon Jovi cover band! I have friends from elementary school and a few added along my life journey who would love to see and celebrate with Bon Jovi!!!!!

    1. Hi Kayleigh – the winners of the October 1 show in Red Bank, NJ will be notified tomorrow. Winners for the rest of the shows will be notified closer to show date.

  48. OMG !!! I can’t believe this is happening in Toronto! My best friend and I have been huge Bon Jovi fans since the beginning. What a dream this would be to attend, just like it was at the Starland Ballroom in New Jersey in 2009! Even if we don’t win tickets we will be there for the tour. Thank you for being a part of some of my most memborable memories that I hold so dear to my heart.
    DBLUVSJB123…. My husband, my son and John Bongiovi. 🙂

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