That’s a Wrap on the This House Is Not For Sale Tour

24 Countries

5 Continents

98 Shows

2.5 Million People

Thank you for joining us on the This House Is Not For Sale Tour! All eyes on 2020.


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12 thoughts on “That’s a Wrap on the This House Is Not For Sale Tour

  1. Great, great, great men, the best band, full of passion for their work!!! Thank you for being part of my life!!! I miss you sooo much already!!! I’m waiting for the new job and the new tour!! As i say: Always and in any case Bon Jovi fan, for ever!!!!

  2. Sao Paulo and Curitiba was a blast!I watch Rock In Rio in internet, great show!Can’t wait to see you again in Brazil!Jon my dream is dance with you,26 years I’m waiting for this!I love you guys to eternity!❤

  3. I’ve been a Bon Jovi fan since I was just a teenager, and I would never imagine myself in your concert. This year I had the worst days of my life because my dad passed away (actualy, I would say 2019 is the worst year ever). Months later I heard about THINFS Tour, my husband gave me the tickets and we went to Curitiba (Brazil). During the show, my dear daddy was in my mind… I kept wondering what he would have thought about this dream coming true to me… and I realized that he would be happy for me, he would ask me how was the show, and we would have a great chat about it while sipping some wine in his room. All I could envision was his sweet smile if he could hear me tell about this whole experience: to see my favourite band up so close. Thank you so much, guys, for giving me a breath, for those moments of joy when my life became such a “bitter pill to swallow”. God bless you all. May you bring to people’s lives great memories and remarkable moments just like you did to me. Wish you the best, only the best. Whith all my love, from Brazil, Rebeca.

  4. You´re great man, a great showman, a great singer. Lima, Perú was the country where you closed this THNFS and we’re very thankful to consider us for this 2019, nine years after your last concert. We saw a man that gave us his best effort to close this gig as good as he performed in other countries, we enjoy with your words and let me let you know that you did it great!!!.
    Your music has passed from generation to generation and will continue to do and that is because you always express real life things in all your lyrics. Thank you for being you and forming this great band. Peru will always wait for you with open arms, please on the next tour do not forget to delight us with the song always and bed of roses!!!!. That’s the only thing I can complain now. Go on baby new things shall be coming!!!

  5. Love to see 2020 concert dates never seen Bob Jovi and would love too!! I’m turning 47 and my husband/ high school sweetheart is turning 50

  6. The greatest artists since
    The Beatles! I had the pleasure to be present at the Beatles concert in 1964. I SINCERELY HOPE THAT I can see Jon Bonus Jovi with Bon jovi in 2020 with my two daughters. Hope ,fingers crossed , in Boston Mass.area.

    Elaine Daly

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