The Reviews Are In For New York!

The reviews are in for Bon Jovi’s two-night stop at Madison Square Garden in NYC to end this leg of the 2017 This House Is Not For Sale Tour

“Bon Jovi’s live show at Madison Square Garden garnered an A rating.” – Digital Journal (full review)

“…the night featured hits, new tracks and a rarity or two. The songs from the new album, ‘This House is Not for Sale,’ including show opening title track, are punchy rockers that add zip to the repertoire. The classics have grown in scale. ‘Born To Be My Baby’ is arena rock genius.” – Asbury Park Press (full review)

“Everyone was on their feet and screaming, and I know I’m not alone in wishing they could have played another two hours.” – Amps and Green Screens

“(Bon Jovi) has an athletic, energetic stage presence.” – The Record (full review)

“…memories of the past and eyes on the future.” – Asbury Park Press (full review)

JBJ ended the tour with a big thank you to all of the fans for 34 years of their love and support.


21 thoughts on “The Reviews Are In For New York!

  1. Esperando la confirmación del concierto en Argentina!!!! No veo las horas para tener mi entrada. Bon Jovi por siempre!!!

  2. I just wanted to say that your music has inspired me since I was 13. I really like how your music has evolved and maintained through the years. I want to say thank you back and please keep putting out more great music . Life is truly a Roller Coaster

  3. From the bottom of our hearts, we (your fans) thank you for sharing your life & talent with all of us around the world. Thank you for giving us many years of happiness & miles of smiles. May each and everyone of you guys in the band, your crew, staff & your families be happy, healthy, & safe in all you do.

  4. I caught the show in tampa on valentines day. (Best valentines day by far for me) THINFS was AMAZING. My son has autism and he LOVES LOVES LOVES bon jovi his new favorite is of course this house is not for sale and we dont run. Your music is very inspirational. I cant wait until you come back to florida many many blessings to the entire band. I am one fan for life

  5. well i just want to say that i’m 18 years old but i feel like i’ve been a fan for 34 years. i’ve literally seen everything you’ve done, i’ve seen all the videos, i know all the songs and i don’t know, i just feel proud to love a band like bon jovi. i just want to say thank you for continuing to make music and tour. i love you guys so much and don’t know what i would do without your music to. i saw you at msg on the 15th and i was happier than ever i was actually sobbing. thanks for making me happy.

  6. Vengan a Argentina, por favor!! Tuve la suerte de ver ésta gira en Philly el 31 de marzo, y no veo veo la hora de que se repita en mi país!! JBJ lo más!! <3 – Willing to see you soon back in Argentina as I did in Philly last month! Love you always!

  7. Do the right thing for Pittsburgh concert attendees.

    Paid $297 for tickets and even purchased the Insurance in case concert was cancelled, which is what you ( “Jon” ) should have done. We all get sick, but you should have made the right business decision and have been courteous enough to your fans to reschedule or at least cancel so refunds would have been honored. Ticketmaster is saying ” We are still waiting on the reply from the promoters to see what they are going to do about these complaints. As of right now they are not allowing any refunds.”

    Do the right thing as either issue refunds or better yet return to Pittsburgh and do another show when you are well as honor everyone’s tickets from the Bon Jovi | PPG Paints Arena (Formerly CONSOL Energy Center), Pittsburgh, PA Wed, April 5, 2017 07:30 PM show.

  8. What can I say. I waited almost 3 months for this concert. I traveled alone to NY for the first time and I was not disappointed. Bon Jovi delivered the best show ever. I was on my feet the whole time! Great show, can’t wait to see if there’s more dates so I can do it all again. Much love and thank you for the past 34 years.

  9. You have been a part of my life since early high school and you and the band with your music has inspired me all through these years. Bon Jovi is truly a legend and you guys never changed all these years and that’s what so amazing about Bon jovi you guys stay true to yourself and your fans. I have made plenty memories listening to your music whether its made my cry, laugh, smile or made a good choice in my life just by a song or lyric. Music is good for your soul and a way to express yourself. Yes the long hair and sexy smile Jon did me in lol. but the music and messages you send in your songs is what keeps me a die hard dedicated fan 4life. what makes you even more amazing as a person is how you give back and never forget where you came from and your kindness to your home state and more. You have a huge heart and care deeply what Is going on in this world and do extraordinary things to make a change. it warms my heart knowing everything you do for others all over the place. if only there were more people like you in the world. its amazing to see people give back in all aspects sometimes by just taking time out of your life to spend time with a fan or someone in need means so much more than anything. I may not be a Jersey Girl but your kindness reaches across the world.

  10. Are you going to tour during the summer at the outdoor amphitheaters? Even though I’m from upstate NY, living in NC has given me the opportunity to see you at many ampitheaters. Hope to see you in Charlotte soon! With ♥️, your biggest fan…


  12. I love this group but something is different the energy the writing of the songs the friendship that was so obvious is gone ! We need Richie sambora he is Bon Jovi Jon Richie Tico and David that’s Bon Jovi together the individual contributions to the band are greater or enhanced by all the members . Jon and Richies vocals were part of the Bonjovi sound and the guitar was essential to the sound of the band please try to get this band back to the way it used to be

  13. Congrats to the group on a great tour and a shout out to Phil X doing a great job! Wish you all the best, live the dream Phil!

  14. april 15 madison square garden . was the most beautifull night in my life!!
    i travelled from Buenos Aires Argentina , just to see my favourite band.. Iwas so excitedwhen i entered to the temple of rock , the legendary MADISON SQUARE GARDEN,
    Myheart was beating , and i can t bellieve that i had the chance to see for the first time outside of my country and in in this mitic place. it was more than spectacular and even more !!
    perfect set list, and the sound sopowerfull its remains me to the new jersey times..
    even the problem that jon had with his bronchitis that have to pospone the show one week, and for me that i m not fropm here have to change the travel ticket and get a new hotel , but all this issues vanish in the first minut than start the show.
    the audience was something beyond than someone can imagine. singing all the songs ,Wanted dead or alive everibody singing allone , my gooodddd!!!!!!!!! was unique and this night i will treasure forever n ever in my heart.
    Thanks for such a wonderfull evenig , andlook foward for see you in september 16th in my country.
    i ve been follow the band for 24 years and i love you with all my heart..

  15. I love you guys , you have been an integral part of my life since 1992 when I first listened to keep the faith. I often find myself listening to one of your classics and as it resonates so deeply I find myself smiling with tears of joy. I do really miss the songs with an edge though, and being brutally honest find myself for the first not really listening to one of your albums. You will always be my number one band and Jon, you are my hero and inspiration. But I do wish for something with stronger drums, funkier bass and bolder lyrics. Do miss Ritchie too, you have lost a part of the Bon jovi sound with him leaving. Always be a huge fan. When are you coming to the uk?

  16. I agree with the upset fan. I was so excited to bonjovi at ppg paint arena to be let down when the concert was cut short. I understand he was sick but he should come back & do another concert for us. It was my daughter & her friend’s 1st time seeing him in concert & we waited for months for the concert only to be let down. Please bonjovi come back, give us a full concert & honor all out tickets. Please!!!

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