This House Is Not For Sale Re-Issued With Two New Songs

Bon Jovi’s #1 debuting album, This House Is Not For Sale, has been reissued by Island Records and is available now at your preferred online retailers and streaming platforms; see links below.

Both “When We Were US” and “Walls,” were written by Jon Bon Jovi, who was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2007. The songs reflect current events, both personal and nationwide, respectively.


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6 thoughts on “This House Is Not For Sale Re-Issued With Two New Songs

  1. Happy birthday to you! We wish you all the best for you and all your family, health and all yours dreams come true. Kiss you. Cristina & Carmen

  2. Jon Bon Jovi um feliz aniversário, sou de São Paulo no Brasil e sou muito seu fã, que tenha muita saúde e continue fazendo este rock roll incrível, um grande abraço.

  3. Hello Band, that I love so much !! My name is Leandra. I’m from Brazil, MG state. A super fan of this wonderful band !! kisses

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