TIDAL Presents TIDAL X: Bon Jovi, An Intimate Tour For New Album This House Is Not For Sale


Album To Be Performed In Its Entirety in Historic Theaters Around The World

bonjovi_admat_tidal_1100x1100(New York, NY – Sept. 16, 2016) — Bon Jovi will perform four intimate shows as part of TIDAL X: Bon Jovi at historic venues in select cities ahead of the release of their 14th studio album, THIS HOUSE IS NOT FOR SALE (10/21 on Island/UMG). These theater shows will present the rare opportunity to hear the band perform their entire record, live, for the first time publicly. Shows will take place in the band’s home state of New Jersey, London, Toronto and a first-ever Bon Jovi on Broadway performance, which will be livestreamed via TIDAL. To sign up for TIDAL, please visit: http://tidal.com/us/try-now

Kicking off each show with their latest hit single, “This House Is Not for Sale,” the band will play the album from start to finish, taking fans through the band’s journey over the past three years. On this album about life, love and loss, “we have something to say and nothing to prove,” says Jon Bon Jovi. After thirty-plus years of radio-ruling anthems and box office success this series of exclusive shows will truly invite their audience in as they present their album as one piece of art, not just a collection of songs.

“We have something to say and nothing to prove,” says Jon Bon Jovi of THIS HOUSE IS NOT FOR SALE. That philosophy, earned over thirty-plus years of radio-ruling anthems and box office success, also drives the band’s decision to reveal their new music in full, to fans, in venues that invite closeness and introspection.

Tickets will not be sold but fans can visit bonjovi.com for more information on chances to win entry. In addition, TIDAL members will have exclusive access to a limited amount of tickets for each performance. (Sign up for the mailing list to be notified when the giveaway begins)

Following the inaugural show, TIDAL members worldwide will have access to exclusive behind the scenes content and footage from the intimate tour in order to relive the experience! TIDAL X: Bon Jovi adds to the growing list of exclusive content and experiences available for TIDAL members, solidifying the platform as a go-to destination to connect fans to their favorite artists!

TIDAL X: Bon Jovi

10/01 – Red Bank, NJ – Count Basie

10/10 – London, UK – Palladium

10/17 – Toronto, ON – Queen Elizabeth Theatre

10/20 – New York, NY – Barrymore Theatre (to be livestreamed via TIDAL)



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131 thoughts on “TIDAL Presents TIDAL X: Bon Jovi, An Intimate Tour For New Album This House Is Not For Sale

  1. Would love the opportunity to see the TidalX performance in Toronto. No other band has ever touched my heart and soul more than Bon Jovi, they have been there for every high and made every low worth climbing out of.

  2. Omgg….yes please. I’m a massive Bon Jovi fan for nearly 30 years now. I love love love their music. What a fantastic concert they always put on. #WhatANight. #GreatMemories #LoveLoveLove. Would so love to fly over to London (even though I hate flying) but would most definitely go for Jon & the boys. #SuperFan. Loving their new single – This house is not for sale #TopClass. Definitely a #No1. ❤❤❤❤

  3. I set big goals in my life that were really hard to reach and rewarded my self with seeing bonjovi in New York and London! Please pick me!

  4. It would mean so much for me to go see the London show. I have it all planned. I’d need to buy flights so please hurry and tell me if I get picked.

  5. Everyone has a story to tell. I would be honored to get the opportunity to listen to the next chapter in yours! If I’m lucky enough-either NY or NJ please. Thank you so much!

  6. Everyone has a story to tell. I would love to listen to the next chapter of yours, if I am so lucky! NY or NJ please -thank you for this chance of a lifetime!

  7. A night out in Toronto..$250
    A special date with my husband…$150
    Seeing Bon Jovi in Toronto at Queen Elizabeth Theatre….PRICELESS!

  8. Would love to see Bon Jovi in Toronto
    I have been a fan forever
    I live in a flyin community in Ontario so Toronto would work best!

  9. I got so wrapped up in life I forgot fun rock and roll was still around ? Until Phil X somehow got my older brother excited about playing his guitar again. For that, I thank you. I would really like to get Tickets for him . Bon Jovi music has always been a reminder for myself that we never age when we have our music. Will have to to pick up a couple of cd’s of the new release. Have a fun and safe show .

  10. I can make it to the NJ or NYC concert since I will be there at that time. I truly hope I can get a ticket. I deserve it, as many devoted fans, I truly love and admire the band.

  11. Omg as a cancer fighter not once but twice I would love to win tickets to red bank iam still fighting lung. Cancer I would even miss treatment just to have this one shot to see Jon please pick me only God knows how lucky ng I have a n this earth thanks Jon your super fan Debbie Calabrese masko

  12. My best friend and I would absolutely love this oppurtunity to be part of this experience. Iv been a fan since age 7 now 38. We have been to the past 3 uk tours. And are well and truly hooked on seeing this amazingly brilliant band ❤live..hope to see you soon Jon. Tico. David. Phill. Hugh. Alec. Good luck everyone!!!X

  13. I would so love to see you in London. I live in the UK. How can I get tickets. I have been so poorly the past few years. I need a bit of Bon Jovi to make it all better. Thank you x

  14. I’ve loved Bon Jovi since I was a kid, I’m now in my late 30’s, the soundtrack to my entire life and have gotten me through tough times and help me celebrate the good. My little boy is now obsessed with Bon Jovi and won’t listen to anything else, my mum travelled the uk a number of times doing shows with me, even my grandma has become a fan, 4 generations of one family moved by the music of this amazing band. For me it’s become much more and Jon inspires me with his kind heart, helping those in need one soul at a time. His Oxford and Monmouth speeches inspired me to go to university. I have travelled the uk, Europe and the USA many times to make sure I’m at as many shows as possible and always in the front row. Sadly the prices are too high for me ‘these days’. I would to do some fan club trips which I’ve done in the past but they’re just too much as are the concert tickets (I’m a front row junkie). It’s sad that many die hard fans are now unable to see this magic band in action and be there to support them, I’d love to take my little boy but that’s impossible now.

  15. I am an Aussie who has traveled the world to see Bon Jovi over the years and as luck would have it I will be in New York on the night of the Redbank show. I am desperate to get a ticket. I have always wanted to see an intimate show like this where an entire album is performed. Please pick me.

  16. So happy to read that there will be a webcast from NYC. Looks like I will be signing up for a TIDAL account. I’m hoping to win a ticket for the Toronto show, but it sounds as though that is going to be a difficult goal to achieve! Exclusives as an extra = WIN/WIN!!

  17. I just have to go to see you Jon! LOve you. ! My old Dj on the radio always played your osngs for me and said I know you Love BOnJovi. and he is right. Saw you many time esp 2013 you loked right at me with my arm in a cast! My daughter Kelly Hobelman needs to win tickets to ! PLEASE< PLEASE< PLEASE!

  18. To be a part of this would be amazing. I have been a fan of Bon Jovi since the beginning but have never been able to go to a show I am now battling a serious illness full of uncertainty and have placed BJ on my bucket list. I am hoping the band does a full tour so I can see them. I know the chance of winning tickets is slim and although I’d love to take part in the Runaway Tours offer, I am on disability and not able to afford it. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a show in Vancouver very soon!

  19. When life gets to be too much, I turn on Bon Jovi. When if feels as if my heart can no longer beat.. I turn to music, and that music has always been Bon Jovi. They have been a part of my life ever since I as 17 years old. Skip ahead 32 years and they still own a piece of my heart.
    Everyone of us dreams and sometimes with a little luck perseverance a dream might come true. It would be a dream come true if I was able to attend the Toronto concert.
    I wish words were enough to show you how much Bon Jovi has touched my life… without them my word would be empty. One day I will get the chance to Thank them.

  20. Hello!
    I’m french (sorry for my bad english…) and i would like so much have good luck to see them in London with my 5 years old little boy who is also a big big fan of Bon Jovi!
    Please, please, make this dream comes true!
    Thank you!

  21. As no single band or musician ever is thinking of Austria as a perfect country for such intimate promotion concerts I need to go to London to see this exclusive show!
    So please think of me when tickets are given away 😉

  22. Hey – me & my Fiancé are 58 years of age ! We are &. HUGE Bon Jovi fans – introduced to them by our son 20 years ago- we have been to gigs together & had such a wild time – fantastic to do this with our kids !!
    I am marrying my Fiancé in Fuerteventura in June 2017- it would be AWESOME to celebrate with a BON JOVI gig for all 6 of us please !!!

  23. I would love tickets to the Count Basie venue! I’ve seen the guys from Jersey to Toronto to California and more, but have never made it to Basie in my home state! That would be so special! Fingers crossed.

  24. Not a big fan, but my wife is and she would love to go to the Red Bank Show. Hey I would even wash some dishes at your restaurant for her chance to see your show.

  25. How do we win tickets? I am a long time fan. Bon Jovi was my first concert when I was a child at Giants Stadium back in 89. I was a member of the fan club and the Count Bacie shows were always amazing!! I miss seeing those! Would love to bring my son with me,

  26. Cant explain how big of a fan I am. I love Bon Jovi. Its all I listen too. Been to every concert in Toronto. Would love to see him and the band. It would be the greatest gift as it is my wedding anniversary on October 17. Married October 17 1998. Pick me PLEASE.

  27. Bon Jovi is MY “Bad Medicine” Have been waiting since the last concert for this year’s concert dates!!! Ready to travel to see you guys!!!

  28. Who doesnt love Bon Jovi? I am a 53 yr old woman who still has yet to be able to see you all in concert. Just never had the money. Saw this and thought well it’s worth a shot! Would love to see you all in Red bank at the Count Basie. Would be Awesome! Even if I am not chosen I think this is an awesome thing you are doing for your fan’s! Keep On Rocken!!!!!!

  29. oh yes yes yes… me and my sister are big fans!!! we tattooed the have a nice day smiley, and on my back i tattoed keep the faith! pleeeease let us come to the show to london!!!!!! pleeeeeeeease!!!! we are from austria, but its no problem to fly to london! pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Looking for tickets for my Nan who is very ill, came here to buy her tickets because she absolutely adores Bon Jovi and it would honestly make her so so happy! If anyone finds some where I can buy some tickets, please let me know. The minute I told her they were in London she was in tears of excitement!

  31. New Jersey was the first CD I ever bought – I’m In London and would love to see the show !!! How can we get tickets? Thanks !!!

  32. Please let me win London tickets. bon Jovi is my life and Jon is my hero. I never been to concert and always wanted to this would be my first time if I go.❤️❤️

  33. BonJovi is an amazing band, Jon is an extremely talented song writer and entertainer. I have been a huge fan for many years and always try and attend every concert in the New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia and Connecticut area. Jon’s next tour is long overdue. I am so excited at the possibility of being able to see him at the Count Basi Theater on October 1, 2016 which coincidently happens to be my wedding anniversary.

  34. It would be wonderful to finally get a chance to see Bin Jovi live. Have loved their music for so many years. We’re all getting older…. so keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be lucky to get to their concert in London

  35. Hi there,
    I would like to win a ticket for my brother. He is gonna be 40 years old in this month and my perfect present for him the ticket. He is the biggest fan who I know ever and I love him really much and Bon Jovi as well of course kisses from London.

  36. Have loved the band for a very long time. Recently took up running (in my late 40s!) and find that a bon jovi playlist gets me fastest!

  37. Bon jovi will rock London and I just MUST be there! Seen the guys on every tour and absolutely dying to see Jon and the gang again!! Pleeeeasepleaseprettyplease!

  38. OMG,I cannot believe this!! Jon and the band have been part of my life since I was 13, through my highs and lows. Jon’s music makes everything better in a matter of seconds. I’m turning 40 on 1st November and seeing him at the Palladium would be the best present ever!!!

  39. Nothing like THIS man and THIS band!! Been a fan for 30 years. Would love and be so grateful for the opportunity! ! You ALL have been missed. Always swore I would touch Jon before I died, well this 43 year old woman ain’t getting no younger! Lol

  40. I would love to see him! I won tickets to see him and my mother past away the very same weekend so I didn’t get to see him. This would be the most amazing thing ever.

  41. I’ve seen Bon Jovi 38 times now, I have a ‘Keep the Faith’ tattoo on my foot, I enter every competition, and am a member in the fan club and have still never met him. I
    have tried everything to meet him, I offered to donate money to charity but its impossible. I cannot afford 2K for the runway tours to get up close and personal with him. Gutted they are coming to London so close to me again 🙁

  42. I’ve been a HUGE bonjovi fan since I was 8 years old !!!! My mum would constantly play all his songs and I’ve been a fan ever since! Would be absolutely amazing to win these tickets!
    While hasn’t been on uk tour for 2 years me and my mum have been following the band ‘the bonjovi experience’ they are an amazing band, so if you guys want a bonjovi fix while waiting for them to do their big tour then check out the bonjovi experience 🙂

  43. Anthony and me Richard being to many concerts over years and love to go due to both have health issues and disabities

    keep rocking

  44. Year 2000 Bon jovi concert in Hk was cancelled due to Thypoon..so desperate to see them for the first time..i wish i could win the ticket for my 60th birthday please❤️❤️❤️❤️

  45. Myself and my sister have been mad fans for over 30 years. As youngsters we’d go to concerts together but I moved to Australia many years ago and so we’ve never had the opportunity since. My sister has just been diagnosed with breast cancer so I’m going back to uk at the beginning of October as she has her breast removed on the 12th. This would be the best gift I could give her if we could see our absolute favourite band together one last time. So I will hope and pray that something bad that brings us together again will bless us with something totally amazing and give us a memory to last our lifetimes.

  46. bonjour mon épouse et moi venons de nous marier .notre cadeaux de mariage devait être ce concert a Londres .en effet c est le plus proche de chez nous Brest en France. comment faire pour acheter deux places ?

  47. I am a huge Bon Jovi fan. It is my birthday on 12th October and I could not think of a more fantastic birthday present than to get tickets to the London Palladium to see them. I might be 70 years old but I still love to rock to their music. Just love the new track “This house is not for sale”.

  48. OMG…..So Excited…how can I get hold of London tix, feels like it’s been too long since they played live over here….xx

  49. You make my farm rock, listening to you while we work hard keeps us going in a rhythm that gives us spirit and soul!;! Awesome music for life, spine tingling everytime you sing, I so wish for a day off work to come see you perform, who ever that lucky star is enjoy yourselves lucky peeps!

  50. It’s your music that made me survive all the bad days of my life since the very childhood. I was so lucky I had you! Thank you for that. I hope I will be lucky again and get to see you in London.

  51. Because I would love to see Bon Jovi play their wonderful new album at this historic London theatre, what a treat that will be. I am sure the acoustics will be amazing. What a treat for whoever wins the tickets!

  52. I would love to win red bank so much! It seems I never win anything. I moved to NJ 2 yrs ago and to see BonJovi would be a dream come true

  53. HUGE fan of Bon jovi. Love the new song “This house is not for sale” Can’t wait to buy the album to add to my collection. Would love to come and see them perform it would be a once in a lifetime dream for me especially as it’s my 71st birthday on 12th October and my 49th Wedding Anniversary.

  54. Wow I can’t tell you how much it would mean to me to win these tickets! I first took my son when he was 3 years old to see Bon Jovi, twenty odd years ago and have been to see them as often as I can ever since! Please please please pick me!

  55. First saw these guys supporting kiss when they first started out at the Cornwall collaseum (one of the best gigs I have ever been to) and have seen them on tours when they are over here, what a fantastic treat it would be to see them in London

  56. I would love to see the concert in London. I am a huge Bon Jovi fan and that would be a dream come true. It is not just Bon Jovi music that is close to my heart but also the genuine message that Jon realizes through his work not only in music but outside of it too. I would drop any other commitment at the drop of the hat for a chance to be at the London Palladium on the 10th of October!

  57. how do i get tickets for tomorrow i have tried but no success help i have followed Bon Jovi from the start.

    Help please send the link for the tickets for tomorrow night

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