“Walls” Music Video Premiere – TIDAL Exclusive

The music video for “Walls” is now available to watch on TIDAL at TIDAL.com/BonJovi

6 thoughts on ““Walls” Music Video Premiere – TIDAL Exclusive

  1. Your concert tonight was awesome! Thank you! Thank you so much for singing to those of us who were up hi in the Stands. I felt so close to you even if I didn’t spend as much money as those people who were sitting in the front row down below.‍♀️They didn’t look like they could see very well from where I was at. Thank you so much and good luck with your tour. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!

  2. Jon,
    I’m very happy with your shows. They’re full of energy, beauty and joy.
    Congratulations to the boys. They’re splendid in their roles.
    The audience is magnificent.
    I bet God is listening.
    I really liked the Walls music.
    Now, I go to the beach.
    P.S. Continuem assim. A alegria de vocês é contagiante. Amém.
    Santos, SP – Brazil

  3. love the new song it is great!! looking forward to seeing Bon Jovi in action at BMO Bradley Center in Milwaukee I am so excited they are coming to my hometown welcome back Bon Jovi!!!!

  4. Coming to Chicago on April 27th for your concert. So excited I dream about it when I sleep! We were wondering if you could play “Everyday” and “Kidnap an Angel” for us they are both significant in our lives presently.

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