Denver Show RESCHEDULED to Friday, April 14

Due to a scheduling conflict, the Bon Jovi concert originally scheduled for Tuesday, March 14th at the Pepsi Center in Denver, CO, has been rescheduled to Friday,  April 14, 2017.


All previously purchased tickets will be honored at the new date.


For more information on the rescheduled date, visit the Pepsi Center website and

37 thoughts on “Denver Show RESCHEDULED to Friday, April 14

  1. We are from Colorado but live in Texas. We planned our vacation around the concert on March 14th 3-14-17 a special day and found out today it is postpone to a date we are back in Texas-VERY SAD DAY 🙁

  2. Please come back to Denver soon!!! My ant and I are huge fans and kept saying “I wish Bon Jovi would tour” and finally you did! We were so excited and bought tickets right away. However, now that the date has changed we sadly cannot attend. One of my best friends is getting married the evening of April 14. This was something we were really looking forward to… so please come back soon!

  3. Oh no! My son is flying out to Denver to go with me! Let’s see if we can get flights for April. Jon, please sing These Days in Denver for all this inconvenience……… please

  4. Jon thank you for postponing the concert, My 2 girls gave me 2 Xmas tix to this concert and I never missed in 25 yrs any BJB concerts in Denver! I almost had to skip out for a previous engagement, now I don’t have to miss out and I won’t call in sick to work the next dayso HAVE A NICE DAY!

  5. We planned our vacation around the concert on March 14th to travel 6 hours to see this concert. We are not able to take time off in April.
    Are they giving any refunds?

  6. I’m a 21 year old college student and I planned my vacation from Columbia SC to Denver around this show and now my whole vacation is upside down. What an awful day and just my luck.

  7. Very disappointed in Bon Jovi. Been a fan since 1988. My BF already had tickets to fly to Denver for the concert. Can’t go on the rescheduled date. Easter weekend, really?

  8. Not impressed,we were one of the first ticket buyers, now left screwed out of motel roams and vacation days. I cannot imagine how a business can run and have a scheduling conflict they don’t know about until 2.5 weeks before the event.Sameful at best I hope somebody loses their job.

  9. We found out that the concert in March is rescheduled to April in Denver. We can not make the April date and the hotel we had booked will not give us all of our money back. They want to charge us a cancellation fee! How ridiculous is that? Not our fault the concert got switched.

  10. The Bon Jovi concert was the first concert that I took my little sisters to back in 80’s in Denver. We were going to relive the glory days, but sadly I cannot reschedule my trip from Florida to Colorado.

  11. Had to pay extra to reschedule my plane tickets which cost me. $400. I had no choice because it was either pay or lose out the whole cost of the plane tickets. Sucks sucks sucks, but I am still going becausei have too much money into it now not to go.

  12. I’m absolutely heart broken. I have been planning this for so long. Scheduled my days off of work around this, made plans with my friend to spend the evening rocking with Jon. Unfortunately, I’ll be out of town in April and won’t be able to attend. Im so sad, but I still adore you Jon. Been a fan for 30 plus years.

  13. i live in Oregon and was flying to Denver for the show since you aren’t coming anywhere in the PNW. Will I be compensated for my non-refundable plane tickets???

  14. I’m so upset. This had been my happy thought for months, a lifelong dream. Now the hotel won’t let me cancel or change dates on the room. So, March 14 – I go on my vacation to Denver and do what? This a struggle for a working single woman. My treat to myself for giving up 12 years of life to be a caregiver. Now, I can’t afford two trips to Denver. Just wanna cry.

  15. I bought my hubby tickets as a Christmas present and he’s a musician as well and plays for a very successful band and is only off during the week due to his schedule March 14 was the only concert he could attend and know that it’s been rescheduled he won’t get to go now. Are they giving refunds?

  16. My sister planned her vacation to fly from Charlotte to go with me to the concert in March. $400 nonrefundable plane ticket!!! Rescheduled less than 3 weeks from the concert date? Not happy.

  17. My birthday is March 14 and my husband gave me these tickets for my birthday. We have airline and hotel booked. A lot of money tied up in something now that’s not going to happen. Very disappointed.

  18. I’m probably going to be jumped on by many BJ Fans here. I understand where BJ Fans are going with the complaints being a huge fan from the early days of BJ. OK a BJ freak, in an awesome way. Honestly it’s not a “band” problem, it’s most likely the place where the gig was supposed to be. Maybe the place was double booked or overlooked.. clearly. If BJ showed up in Connecticut during a treacherous Blizzard, come hell or high water, I’m sure Jon and the guys aren’t to happy with this situation, at all! BJ is not only talented but also very professional, the last thing Jon and the guys want to do is ever let down his fans or look unprofessional. They busted there butts all these years on proving themselves. I’m pretty sure Jon wasn’t very happy about this situation and let them know about it too! I’m pretty sure, no I know for a fact BJ will make it up to us fans. I hear you about the money and the arrangements you all had to make to get to this show. Just remember that mistakes will happen and we’re all human. It sucks, but it is what it is. I wish you all the best of luck with everything! I hope that this helps calm things down. I’m just throwing some logic in the mix here. I’ve been there, done that. The kid’s, the cash, the travel and the time off of work. Where there’s a will there’s a way, somehow. It will work out and then this hiccup will be just a memory. Best of luck to all of you BJ Fans!
    Jovi Love Here!
    Rose XO

  19. I bought these txt for my 72 year old Mother-in law she has ALWAYS wanted to see Bon Jovi. We are strong Catholics and have traditional family plans. She will not be able to Druze to Denver to attend. I’m so disappointed they would choose to reschedule this during one of the biggest Christian Holidays. Very sad of her.

  20. Are they ever going to give us an answer about refunding?!
    We are very disappointed we can not go either. I will be in Brazil and my husband will be in Ohio for Easter with family.
    Sad! Very sad!

    1. Hi Yara, We’re sorry to hear you cannot make the rescheduled date. Customers seeking refunds due to the rescheduled date can do so at the point of purchase. Those who purchased online can contact Altitude Tickets Customer Service to seek a refund at 303.405.6066 x2 or

  21. Thought you were better than this. To your fans this is not just a scheduling conflict it’s devastating. My daughter bought the tickets and hitel (non refundable) for me for Christmas. We were coming from Utah. Now you have broken all of our hearts. Shameful to say the least.

  22. We have paid for airline tickets to Denver to attend the concert on the original date and they are not transferable! If we have tickets for Denver but want to attend in St. Paul instead, would this be possible? Please say YES!!!!!

    1. Hi Mary, unfortunately, tickets are not transferable for another date on tour. Customers seeking refunds due to the rescheduled date can do so at the point of purchase. Those who purchased online can contact Altitude Tickets Customer Service to seek a refund at 303.405.6066 x2 or

  23. My name is Juli. I had purchased 3 Handicap Accessible tickets for Bon Jovi March 14th in Denver. My older sister and I were going to take our younger sister, Delia, who is handicap and has Down Syndrome, to the concert of her dreams. Now that it has been rescheduled, our little sister, Delia, will not see Bon Jovi. My older sister, Mary, and I have spent thousands of dollars to take Delia from South Dakota to Denver to see Bon Jovi. Our flights and hotel rooms are non-refundable. Our trip is bought and paid for, non-refundable, and now no Bon Jovi. Due to the date change, we are unable to go to the rescheduled concert April 14th.

    I have not explained the concert date change to Delia yet. It pains me to even think about telling her as she will not understand, but her heart will be broken non the less. Please understand, Mary and I have watched Delia since she was very young listen and dance to Bon Jovi and this was our opportunity to make her dreams a reality.

  24. As a long time jovi fan looking at all there set lists so far no ballads in these arms amen these days bed of roses real love and the best of all want to make a memory these are the songs we love the band for And always come on guys don’t forget your die hard fans

  25. Update on my prior response that was not published regarding our little Down Syndrome Sister, Delia. I explained to her last night why we were not going to the Bon Jovi concert and that we are still going to Denver because the trip is paid for. I then asked Delia what she wanted to do while we were in Denver. Her reply, “See Bon Jovi, Juli.” Just thought I’d let you know if anyone cares.

    Maybe next time they tour….

    1. Hi Sherri, we just followed up with VIP and they let us know your refund has been processed. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

  26. I am so glad you rescheduled this concert. I wanted to see you in Vegas and/or Sacramento for my birthday but it was too last minute for me to make it. I checked dates to later shows that I could possibly attend and this show being changed to April 14th was a godsend, such a great birthday present. I’m traveling from WA state to Denver with my son to see you since I did not see a concert schedule anywhere in WA state? I would sure like to help set up a show in Spokane, WA if you will be adding dates later in the year I am a promoter here and I would be honored to help in any way I can. The Denver show is to guarantee I get to see Bon Jovi on your new, This House Is Not For Sale Tour, I am so there just let me know if I can assist in setting up a concert here in Spokane? To see you in concert this year once is great but twice or more is even nicer 🙂 I just booked my flight and hotel see you in a few weeks.

  27. I just received notification that the rescheduled concert is now cancelled?

    is this accurate?

    My folks flew from Alaska for the first one and have already purchased plane tickets to return next week.

    Can you confirm that there is no concert at all now?

  28. Yep, cancelled all together now 🙁 We have family and friends that were flying in for the first show, so had to pay to change flights for the 2nd show and now this?!

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