Episode 3 – Chicken Soup

Episode 3 of our #THINFSTour Recap Series is now available! Tune in to watch the band talk about a very special pre-show ritual…chicken soup!

One thought on “Episode 3 – Chicken Soup

  1. I believe we spoke on face time once or twice I’m trying to remember my pals had me under some kind of halo or trance.Anyhow if I’m remembering correctly I’m the guy who could sing travis tritt better than your music,i tried though!. My name is Mark and my business name is Bear Masonry out of Delaware.If You remember please let me know with reply.I remember you asked me my favorite Bon jon song,i replied Silent Night.There all the best though,especially bed of roses! I haven’t seen the girl again by the way,i can’t say the name mind you.Havent heard any info from my neighbor either (where i was that night we talked).I was very honored by the way just wish i was livid!Thank You for your time my friend and may God Bless you and your family.

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