Fifth Round Opening Act Winners

In January, Jon Bon Jovi announced on Facebook Live an exciting opening act contest to give bands the chance to open an arena date on Bon Jovi’s This House Is Not For Sale Tour. To enter the competition, thousands of bands uploaded audition videos at or the Bon Jovi and Live Nation Facebook pages.  To pick the winner for each tour date, Live Nation chose 10 finalists and Bon Jovi management selected the contest winner from the shortlist.

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March 26 – Chicago, IL

35th & Taylor

“Wow, what an opportunity,” said 35th and Taylor. “Coming from a small town in the Midwest to the opening act for Bon Jovi in Chicago is well beyond our wildest dreams. We are so excited to have our chance on the big stage and to take our best shot. We can’t thank Bon Jovi enough for giving us the opportunity to put our music out there for the people to hear.”

March 27 – St. Paul, MN

Step Rockets

“We are so incredibly grateful and excited for the opportunity to grace the same stage as these living legends,” said Joshua Schmidt of Step Rockets. “Our journey as a band has had its twists and turns but these special moments remind us why we rock and roll! We can’t wait to share our music with all the Jovials.”

March 29 – Detroit, MN


“We are beyond excited to play a show with the legendary Bon Jovi! ‘Wanted Dead or Alive’ may be the greatest song ever written,” said Chris Phillips from IAMDYNAMITE. “On top of playing in our hometown with rock idols, we get to play at Joe Louis Arena! Detroit icon itself,” added Chris Martin. “We are prepared to honor Bon Jovi, The Joe, and Detroit with this privilege we’ve been given opening the show.”


March 31 – Philadelphia, PA


“We are at a loss for words,” said Mach22. “We’re eternally grateful to Bon Jovi for this amazing opportunity. On March 31, in our hometown, the City of Brotherly love, we will see about 20,000 faces and rock them all.”

April 1 – Uncasville, CT

Analog Heart

“We grew up listening to and even idolizing Bon Jovi, so to have the chance to play on the same stage is a true dream come true,” said Analog Heart.  “It’s so awesome that up-and-coming acts from all over the country are getting this chance and to say that we’re honored to be one of them is a huge understatement.  We can’t wait to show Bon Jovi and their fans what we’ve got.”

89 thoughts on “Fifth Round Opening Act Winners

  1. So much for following rules…bands who submit twice are supposed to be disqualified….unless your Dad is from Cinderella.

    1. Rules? Technically the videos are supposed to be “live” not music videos with pre recorded music. MACH 22 is a great band. Well deserved for them…

  2. Pick Band Of Heroes for the 6th round. They are a ROCK band and they would be a perfect match. Their music and performance belongs on the big stage at MSG, NYC!

  3. Never a more deserving Band than Band of heroes for your sixth round entries! So dedicated to the love of Music! I know they would be an amazing opening act for the legendary Bon Jovi Band if given the chance. Please put them in!!!! I’m age huge Fan of them and Bon Jovi, cant wait to see them both perform at MSG!

  4. Never a more deserving Band than Band of heroes for your sixth round entries! So dedicated to the love of Music! I know they would be an amazing opening act for the legendary Bon Jovi Band if given the chance. Please put them in!!!! I’m age huge Fan of them and Bon Jovi, cant wait to see them both perform at MSG!

    Thanks for listening

  5. Band of Heroes needs to be in opening for you at MSG! They had the most likes and deserve this chance!

  6. Hoping that Band of Heros is chosen for the 6th round it seems that they received most likes on live nation I guess that’s not enough. Pleas please pick them. Hard working well deserving band been around for years the guitarist and drummer have been together since college with the ever changing singer and bassist. They would love and appreciate the opportunity would make many of us family and friends so happy.

    Thank you

  7. Wow! The guys in Band of Heroes have been working their whole lives for and opportunity to play at MSG. How awesome would it be for Bon Jovi to be responsible for introducing them to the big stage and discovering a true rock-n-roll band in this day and age of autotune and mediocrity.

  8. Hi,
    We are attending the show in Detroit on March 29 at Joe Louis Arena. A group of us are celebrating our friends 40th birthday. Her name is Heather and she is a HUGE fan! She has been to multiple shows when you come to the area. A birthday shoutout to Heather (who also shares your Birthday, March 2) would be greatly appreciated and would mean the world to her.

  9. Band of Heroes is a great new sound….. always rocks big time as is apparent by their following. Let them open the show for you and see how they work the crowd….guaranteed you’ll reap the rewards of a really ‘warmed up’ audience. They’re terriffic! Hope to see them perform for you and all at MSG. Carole Belardinelli

  10. Retrofeelya is a fun, upbeat, interactive, young band who has opened up and sold out theaters with Buckcherry and Sebastian Bach. They are ready to open up for the legendary Bon Jovi at MSG on April 8!!

  11. I don’t think there is any band more deserving than Retrofeelya. They put their heart and souls into everything they do, I’ve never seen a more passionate group of guys going after what they love. They put out crazy energy during every performance that will really get the crowd going at MSG!

  12. Please pick Quinn Mills for April 11 ! He has an impressive 12,000 likes/shares! He is a super-talented singer and songwriter! His back up band is tight! They are incredible and would be a great opener!

  13. Hey check out Quinn Mills he has entered this contest, Quinn and his band would be an amazing opening act. They have kit 12k likes and shares and are committed to what they do and they would be honoured to open for Bon Jovi. They deserve to win

  14. Quinn Mills for Toronto @ the ACC! Born and raised here. Not to mention over 12k likes. We think your choice is pretty clear. His style blends perfect with the style of Bon Jovi. Quinn Mills IS your guy!

  15. Quinn Mills and his band are the kinda band that would put on an amazing show, and make it Memorable. If live nation and Bon Jovi are looking for a band that really rock the house Quinn Mills and his band will DO JUST THAT!! They are the REAL DEAL.

  16. Band Enjoys Heroes Welcome – Syracuse New Times report

    I recommend Band Of Heroes because I went to see all their previous shows. I like their different styles of songs. If you listened to the songs carefully, each song has a story. It’s impressed me. I support Band of Heroes, they deserve to perform on a bigger stage. Because they do music, not for money, is passions!!

  17. Quinn Mills & his band have entered the contest for the Toronto dates April 11th if you haven’t checked Quinn out please do you won’t regret it. They have this unique sound and style to them that hasn’t been seen. There genre is there own and they would be honoured to open up for Bon Jovi. The band has been pushing there audition video for over 6 weeks of the contest and also reached 12,000 likes and shares, I have not seen a local band from Ajax Ontario push something like they do. If you guys are looking for a band that will make that show memorable. Quinn Mills and his band will just do that

  18. HEY! Everyone I’ve been around to different local Ajax open mics and there’s this one artist named Quinn Mills I’ve been going to open mics for 30 years now, & I’ve seen so many different musicians come in & out, but nothing like “Quinn Mills” he brings forth his engry and commitment to making sure the world hears his music. The first time I saw “Quinn Mills” I was BLOWN Away and I usually never get that going to see bands etc, he’s got Veness to him that I’ve never seen before as well, so “Bon Jovi” & “Live nation” if your looking for a band that can really project & make a show really really amazing “Quinn and his band are just that band will make all 20,000 people in the Air Canada Centre satisfied and happy and wanting to come back and see them again.

    Thank you
    Nick Crawford

  19. My vote goes to Reality Suite to play Madison Square Garden!!! Not only are they extremely talented and have great stage presence, they are also wonderful people as well!

  20. I’ve known Reality Suite for most of my life & I don’t think there’s another band more deserving of this opportunity! They kick ass & are 4 great people as well! Nothing would make me prouder than to see one of my favorite childhood bands, Bon Jovi, along with my favorite childhood friends, Reality Suite, playing on the same stage!

  21. Reality Suite has Jersey DNA all over them, sweating it out in the clubs all over North Jersey and Manhattan. Great band, great musicians and really strong songwriters, and a kick ass performance, plus a lot of their stuff would appeal to a Bon Jovi crowd. No better local band to rock the Garden with!

  22. I hope you consider my friends daughters band Reality Suit. There a band whose as well as you are from New Jersey. There very talented and deserves a chance at this. I hope you consider them! They deserve it!!!

  23. I think were in a band takes the time to share and get people to like their audition video, to open up for Bon Jovi that should be you’re number one priority self marketing is the only way you will get your music out there, and Quinn Mills and his band have done just that, they are a band that puts forth so much effort and so much work into marketing, they have spread the word over the six weeks about their audition video opening act contest, Quinn Mills and his band I’ve made it to the point where they got 12,000 likes and 11,000 shares I have not ever seen a local band from Ajax Ontario do such a thing. Please take the time and check them out they are a well-deserving band, and they would be honoured 1,000,000,000% to open up for you Bon Jovi. So no question about it I’d love for you guys to pick Quinn Mills and his band the common era.

    Thank you
    Jonathan crane

  24. Please pick Reality Suite for your Madison Square Garden dates! They are a awesome band and deserve a chance. Like you from New Jersey!!!

  25. Tom Kurlander for April 5th in Pittsburgh!!!! So much talent. Great music! Lots of energy and great songwriting! A songwriter like Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty

  26. Defenders Of The Cross for April 5th.

    Thank you For giving all the bands an opportunity to play on your stage!
    May God continue to richly bless you.

  27. TH13TEEN pure Rock. A band that consists of a 57 year old cancer survivor father my 25 year old Son, a 30 cousin and my brother Paul on drums. Award winning band. Old School &
    New School. Loud and Proud pure NJ/NYC. Watch our video “City of Lights” (Atlantic City). We will tear the roof off.
    Frankie A

  28. As a huge bon jovi fan. I think you should pick Arc’d Angel to open at MSG on April 7th. They’re amazing and really fit the bill.

  29. Just saw Quinn Mills and his band perform tonight. They are freaking incredible! One of the best bands I’ve seen in a long time. If you want a great band that will get everyone in the ACC rocking, choose Quinn Mills for opener April 11.

  30. When will the sixth round winners be announced?

    Defenders of the Cross for April 5th

    Great Band, Great Message, Great Tunes!!!

  31. Congratulations Mach 22, I knew you guys would be picked to play Mar 31 Wells Fargo Center
    w/ Bon Jovi Philadelphia, PA
    I’ve seen Mach 22 many times & Love their attack hitting the Stage. I knew Damian the Drummer, for sometime & he plays cool to a crowd.

    see ya guys, Friend David Tee of
    – The David Tee Band “Specialty Singer & Pioneer of 1st Tributes Bands”

  32. Reality Suite are rock, Jersey/NYC awesome, great fan base and totally the best band to compliment and rock the house! Come on, guys!!!

  33. Iron Bridge Band rocks! These guys are the real deal in NJ/NYC. Two self produced albums of kick A rock n’ roll!! They’re on the verge of great things and this would put them over the top. Chandler Mogel/Steve Walsh amazing songwriting team!

  34. Reality Suite hands down, horns up. These four bleed NJ. One listen was all it took for me to realize they are deserving.

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