Watch the “God Bless This Mess” Music Video!

Check out the new music video for “God Bless This Mess”


10 thoughts on “Watch the “God Bless This Mess” Music Video!

  1. I love this song & video❤I also relate because I am my own person & whatever happens in my life the “Mess is mine too”, an artist writes the songs to appeal & be relatable to all…Thanks to Jon for so many awesome songs on the #THINFS album❤❤

  2. God bless this mess, it fits my life right now. I lost my job 9/2/16 and the finding of a new job wasn’t looking good due to my disability. So, I have put on a brave face and marched into the process of applying for disability. I was approved 3 months later thanks to my attorney but, it does not go into affect until April. My live is a mess money wise but, I keep persevering. Thank you for the great CD! It keeps my spirit up and I keep fighting for my rights. The one thing that would make me the happiest is for the THINFS tour to stop in Omaha. Please come as I am not able anymore to drive to KC, Chicago, DesMoines like I used to.

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