Happy Birthday, Jon Bon Jovi!

Happy Birthday to Jon Bon Jovi! You can wish him a Happy Birthday by joining fans on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – or you can comment below! 

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91 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Jon Bon Jovi!

  1. Hi jon!! Happy birthday!!

    I dont know if tou would ever see this,but I have to try! My cousin Dana is probably your biggest fan. I k ow you hear that A LOT but she truly is. She is from around Pittsburgh and had gone to every show you have had there and she has just loved you from the beginning. She is turning 40 march 11th and it would be awesome if you could surprise her somehow! A message, something sent to her, whatever! She has been through a lot in her life, and I would get the best cousin award for sure! Lol please send me an email or something about it!! Thank you so much

  2. Happy Birthday Jon! I adore you so much. I have been a fan since the beginning and I will never stop. I wish that Fresno, CA could have been part of your tour so I could go see you, but a tour date during the week it makes it hard to travel far away. I will be in San Jose, CA this weekend but you were just there last night. Keep rocking that famous smile! You still got it going on, no matter how old you are. Love you. Best wishes for a GREAT BIRTHDAY!

  3. Have a wonderful birthday, Jon! You are such an inspiration, in so many ways. Looking forward to seeing you in Columbus and Cleveland! Much love from Virginia.

  4. Hello there,

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    I am ranked 3rd in my class with a G.P.A. of 4.07, was captain of our tennis team the last two years, have played basketball for four years and baseball for two years. I also work part-time at McDonalds.
    I can provide any proof you need –  cost of school, transcripts, letters of recommendations… whatever you might need so that you will consider this opportunity to help me out.

    So my question is – can you help me pay for Purdue? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Anything will help!

  5. Happy birthday Jon! I’m a big fan of you from Turkey. I wish you will be on stage and singing for so many more years cause I can’t think myself not listening to you! It was great to watch you alive in Istanbul please come again! I love you my superman

  6. Hi Jon,
    My 10 year old son loves your music and he started playing drums and grows his hair since then! His most favorite song is “Living on a prayer”, which is played quite often by the local radio stations. All the best wishes from nothern Germany. When is your next tour to Europe? Can’t wait to see you live. Cheers, Ron & Matthes

  7. Happy birthday, John. I wish you thoudands of these days and all the happiness you deserve!

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope your day is the best!! You and your wife are so kind and generous to the homeless and poverty stricken, with opening soup kitchens and restaurants, etc. Please keep up the good work and know that your fans love you and admire you.

  9. Happy Birthday Jon!!! You are the greatest singer, your songs are so beautiful and lovely. Hope you will come to Germany soon, we are waiting for you. Have a nice day.

  10. Hi.

    Well, that was awkward. Just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday, like everyone else. Heh… And you should know that even though I haven’t been there from the beginning (that would be very hard, me being born in 2003) I will definitely be there till the end.

    Oh, and will you PLEASE come to Denmark?! Royal Arena just opened… ❤

  11. Feliz Cumplepleaños my dear John ! Im your biggest fan from Chile! I was 16 when I saw your video “Living in a prayer” and I fall in love with you and your music! Im 43 now and Still rocking baby! I went to Dallas to see you on 2008 and 3 times in Santiago de Chile of corse !i hope see you on concert again and i hope i can get to meet you in some point! Love you !! Have a great Birthday! Claudia

  12. Dear Jon
    Wish you all the best in life
    Hope you have a great day and I can’t wait to see you again in Brazil
    Happy Birthday
    Simone / Brazil /São Paulo

  13. Buongiorno, non amo i social, approfitto quindi di questo spazio per fare i miei personali auguri di Buon Compleanno a JBJ, Spero legga questo messaggio: sono una fan italiana non molto giovane (ho 61 anni) causa impegni di lavoro e problemi personali non ho mai visto un concerto dei Bon Jovi. Avrei cortesemente bisogno di sapere se nel 2017 è previsto un Tour in Europa soprattutto in Italia a Milano, e, qualora ci fosse, vorrei iscrivermi al fanclub per avere la possibilità di acquistare 4 biglietti. Avendo ora tempo libero, ho promesso alle mie tre nipoti di accompagnarle ad un concerto della Band, realizzando un comune sogno. Spero di avere una risposta, qualunque essa sia, ringrazio anticipatamente e colgo l’occasione per porgere un abbraccio ed un cordiale saluto a tutti. Ornella.
    P.S.: questo messaggio l’ho già inviato nella sezione MGM RESORTS INTL. DONATES $ 10,000 TO THE JBJ SOUL FOUNDATION, Posso sperare di avere una risposta? Anche in forma privata! Grazie!

    1. Happy Birthday John!!!
      May God bless you and everything what you do too! You are very lovely person with the big heart for the people in need and also for your fans! We all love you for that! I love your lyrics, music and especialy your amazing smile! Keep rocking on and keep bringing all the time the sunshine and the hope to us when we see you on the stage or do listen your voice!
      Your loyal fan from Slovakia for 30 years now!! Thank you John. You are amazing!

  14. I wish all the happiness in the world to someone who knows how to put a smile on my face. Love you JBJ! All the best. See you in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

    Is there any reason for you to wear two watches on the same wrist? LOL

  15. Happy birthday Jon Bon Jovi!!! Hope you’re having a rockin’ birthday! Looking good as always. Lots of love xx

  16. ★ Happу 55тн Bїятнdaу Jᴏɴ! ღღღ. Wishing you an AMAZING day! Keep on Rocking!From all of us in Casper,Wyoming!!!

  17. I wish you a very Happy Birthday Jon.I wish you you
    all the best in life also,cant wait to see you again in Ireland,from Brian in the Emrald Isle

  18. Jon , Happy Birthday !! My only child (son) was born on this day 22 years ago. I’m not surprised he was delivered on your birthday because he was “rocking ” to your music my whole pregnancy ! He was a fan of yours at birth and continues to be one to this day . Must of be all that loud music he listened to during those 9 months !!! Lol. To share the love of the same music with your child, is priceless !! Thanks for the many years of this musical bond we have . Enjoy your special day with your loved ones !!

  19. С Днем Рождения, Джон!!! Спасибо за творчество! Приезжай с гастролями в Россию!!

  20. Happy Birthday! I’m a new fan. I love your music and performances. From what I’ve seen on youtube Bon Jovi is amazing live. You seem like your a good person: extremely talented musican, philanthropic & caring. Plus without a doubt you’re VERY Handsome lol I got giggly writing that! Keep on rocking sexy.

  21. Happy birthday Jon, im writing from Argentina (my english is not good), but i wish to you a great day. Thank you for your music that make us happy for long time. I hope see you & Bon jovi soon in Argentina again, shake hands like friends and maybe a photo… Be happy for ever

  22. HAPPY birthday to my ídol,im from Guadalajara,México! I just came to see your concert 2 days ago in Sacramento,im a singer to! You were my inspiration to sing,in 29,i Will be so happy if you
    Inclued México on your tour list!!
    Have a nice day! Good bless
    You and again…HAPPY
    Birthday @gabysanchez_oficial (Instagram)

  23. HAPPY birthday to my ídol,im from Guadalajara,México! I just came to see your concert 2 days ago in Sacramento,im a singer too!You were my inspiration to sing,im 29,i Will be so happy if you
    Inclued México on your tour list!!
    Have a nice day! Good bless
    You and again…HAPPY

  24. Happy birthday Jon!!!!… Can’t wait to see u in Pittsburgh! I have been a fan since 1986. I go to every concert in Pa
    I even went to MetLife stadium to see you guys. U are the best! keep rockin and hope u enjoy ur day!

  25. Happy birthday Jon!! I have been a fan since the beginning. Thanks for giving me the inspiration to keep going during good & difficult times (probably having my third hip revision this summer). Your music provides me solace as ur guitar does to you You make 55 look good lol!!We will b in Philly…29 days & counting

  26. Happy Birthday, old friend!
    Yeah, I call you “old friend” because you are. You and The (best) Band (in the world) makes my life’s soundtrack and I follow you for 27 years.
    You console me in hard times, make me smile, translated my fellings, pulled my hand in a several times in these years – all with your surreal voice.
    So, what can I say? That I wish health, happiness, sunny days, smiles and a infinity world of good things for you, John. You are a precious person.
    Thank you very much, for everything.
    With love,
    Liz (Brazil, São Paulo)

  27. Hooola bon jovi ojala puedas leer mi felicitacion y la de todos. FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS te admiro y eres mi amor platonico.estoy casada pero mi esposo sabe que deceo conocerte estoy aprendiendo ingles.porque tengo la esperanza de un dia verlo y saludarlo y escuchar su voz y decirle con mis propias palabras lo mucho que soñe ese momento.lo escucho desde mexico hace 24 años y me desvele para verlo en un programa mexicano OTRO ROLLO.y quede mas encantada con usted aunque no entendia sus letras la tarareba y yo la cantaba y ahora que estoy aqui en (u.s.a) ojala se me aga realidad mi sueño,a mi hijo le herede mi gusto de su buena musica y el me traduce las canciones mientras aprendo gracias por hacerme sentir esto el soñar. Paselo muy bien en compañia de su familia que es lo mas importante…✌

  28. Happy Birthday, dear Jon!!!
    I love you so much, you are the best! Keep rocking!
    Best wishes from Brazil. xoxo

  29. Hi Jon! Happy birthday! I leave in Brazil and I’m 4 years old. I started to see your shows on DVD when I was 2. Unfortunately I didn’t speak English (it’s my father who is writing this) but I love your songs. My dream is sing a song with you when I will be a little bit older, and know speak English! Once again, happy birthday!

  30. Happy Birthday!
    Best wishes for everything. Hope love and luck continue to shine through your life.
    ” What matters most is how you walk through the fire”-Charles Bukowski.

  31. Happy birthday Jon bonjovi, I hope you are having an amazing day, I have been a fan since 1983, I was 18 at the time bonjovi’s first hit runaway, how we all loved that song, and still do to this day, I’m originally from Philadelphia PA, and now live in Bradenton fl, just want to let you know, how much I adore you, and follow you all these years, I’ve been to 9 concerts, 3 I went by myself, last one in Tampa fl valentines day, as always what an amazing show, I have all your music old and new love all of it. Just want to let you know I love going to see you guys, love your music old and new, and most of all I think your an amazing man, and as always you look great, even though your older now lol you still got it dude!!!! Hopefully some day I’ll get to meet you, have family in new Jersey, and Philadelphia PA, was going to try to see you again in Philadelphia, can’t make it, once again, Happy birthday, to an amazing man, hopefully will see you again soon enjoy your day!

  32. Happy birthday, my sweet Jon!!! I wish you the best for you and I hope you come soon to Argentina!!!! I LOVE you with my heart and my soul, and thanks for being part of my life!!!

  33. Happy Birthday Jon!
    Thanks for sharing your gift of music with us. Hearing your voice always puts a smile on my face!

  34. Happy Birthday Jon! You have been an inspiration throughout my life and keep inspiring me more and more each day. Bon Jovi just keeps getting better and better with each new album. You have a beautiful soul and keep filling this world with messages of love, unity, hope, and optimism through your music and your acts of kindness through your charitable work. I have been your biggest fan from the very beginning and hope to see you soon in Montreal. Thank you for the wonderful and exhilarating memories I keep from each one of your amazing concerts; they truly are among the many highlights of my life. You`ve rocked my world for the last 30 years and hope you will continue for many more years to come. Best Birthday Wishes and Lots of Love !!! XOX

  35. Happy bday Jon, wish you a happy day with your family. I hope I’ll get to see one of BON Jovi’s US concert, cause I think you like to play there better :D.
    Love ya

  36. Happy birthday Jon may you have more to come. I loved your music especially Never Say Goodbye and Always.. Just keep rocking you never be too old to be touring it’s only numbers but your heart still young keep that pretty smile and thank you for the music you’re writing and composing you’re my inspiration and thank you for being you love ❤️ you God bless I’m from NJ…Perla

  37. Happy Birthday, Jon!!!
    I’m waitin’ for seeing U again, here, on Brazil!
    We’re livin’ on a prayer…
    God bless you n’ your family!

    São Luís / MA / Brasil

  38. Happy Birthday, Jon!!!
    I’m waitin’ for seeing U again, here, in Brazil!
    We’re livin’ on a prayer…
    God bless you n’ your family!

    São Luís / MA / Brasil

  39. Mi más sinceros deseos de amor y paz para ti, sos parte de mi alma, ojala pudiera abrazarte o almorzar contigo en Soul kitchent ,desde Argentina ,muchos besos, esperamos tu pronto regresó.

  40. Happy birthday Jon hope you were able to enjoy your special day I have been a fan from the beginning and always will be you are an inspiration to my kids as for all i listen to is your music in the car so my children are bonnjovi singing kids since they been able to talk ,sing they love you I recently attended your tour this house is not for sale on Valentine’s Day in Tampa Florida you still have it and you gave me hope since I have some medical problems and have some doubt about what to to however like you said you been through some tough times and would never wish that on anyone but you come through it even stronger that so went right to my heart my attitude has always been suck it up and deal with it unfortunate my pain has reached a new level so had to make some decision and because of what you said I just went for procedure on back where I am facing major surgery and hoping this will hold me off for a long time cause my kids who are only 9 and 6 need. Their mom to stay active with them just want to thank you for saying what you said that night it helped me to stay strong and keep my faith my kids would love to meet the idiol one day for helping their mom if ever back in Florida it would be awesome for my kids to meet you. if this could ever be possible I have other medical issues I have to face and would be my dream for them to meet you thanks so much and happy birthday again

  41. Hey Johnny boy…. on APRIL the 8th at MADISON SQUARE GARDEN sing for me and my ITALIAN family and 2 KIDS of nine… THANK YOU FOR LOVING ME.
    WE COME TO NEW YORK FROM ITALY just for youuuuu.
    ROW 5. Sector C. Ground.
    I will raise the Italian flag!!!
    Please please please.

  42. Happy Birthday JON and remember “You not old, just older”, so we wait for You and the Guys in Poland. And one more (if I can use your words): “Thansk my lucky stars for YOU – guys”, because your music changed my life. (I turn on the suond and listen Jon Bon Jovi and for the moment everything is alright). Thanks a lot…

  43. Happy belated Jon
    I am bringing my 74 year old mother to see you in Phx tomorrow night it is on her bucket list. My father was suppose to take her he recently passed they were married for 53 years she would love to meet you. We have a hilarious story to tell I actually had tickets to see you here in phx in 1985 I got busted for minor consumption in the parking lot at a Deep Purple concert the previous month so my mother grounded me and I couldn’t go to your concert I was so freaking pissed. I told my mom this week she better behave or I will have to ground her.LOL Her name is Sharon Peoples it would totally make her day if she could meet you or even give her a little shout out in the crowd

  44. Happy birthday Jon! My husband and I took our kids (12, 10, & 4) all the way from Wisconsin to St. Louis to catch you in concert a couple of weeks ago. It was a great show! So many hits in one night. Great fun to watch our kids sing along to some of the songs we grew up with and the new ones as well. Our 4 year old daughter especially loves your music. She has become quite obsessed with us needing to play it whenever we drive anywhere. She cried at the end of the concert because she didn’t want to leave when it was over. All in all, we had a great time-thanks so much for the great music!

  45. Happy Birthday my Dear Jon! Have a load of super-mega fun at your concert today here in Phoenix, AZ. Wish I could be there but oh well unavoidable things happen. Love ALL your music and I will never ever get tired of hearing it! Hope you had a great superduper birthday! LOVE YOU! your are a wonderful man! ~Minerva~


  47. Happy Birthday,Jon!!
    Your gentle smile heals me all the time.
    Your tender voce brings me calm and peace.
    Your words cheer me up.
    You make my life brighter!
    Thank you for everything,Jon
    I’m waiting for you here in Japan.
    I hope you’ll find me in Tokyo Dome and kiss me!
    Please teke care.

  48. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, Jon, happy birthday to you…
    I hope to see the Bon Jovi in October.

  49. Happy Birthday, Jon Bon Jovi! Happy birthday gentle soul hoping to see you and your band in italy! Antonella

    I hope all your birthday wishes come true ❣

    Leslie Moeller
    Just Breathe

  51. Singing in the clouds:
    Happy happiness.
    Happy birthday Jon.
    Happy dream house.
    Close your eyes and fly.
    Santos, SP / Brazil

  52. Happy Birthday Jon! I will be celebrating my 60th birthday by attending the Mohegan Sun show. I had a blast on the Fort Lauderdale Runaway trip last month!

  53. Happy Birthday Jon!!
    I’m Victor I live in hungary,in Budapest!!
    you watch me my youtube video please write :Tunyoghy viktor and i sing your song!!
    Bye Hungay Jovi

  54. Happy Belated Birthday Jon,
    I hope you had a wonderful blessed day. I just wanted to Thank you for coming to Greenville, SC on Feb 8th and making the experience the best night of my life. I have been a fan for the whole 34 years. It was my first ever Bon Jovi concert, I got to spend it with a few of the most important people in my life, my sister and my 2 daughters and of course you…

  55. Belated wishes are the best. I admire you and adore your long-time commitment to your wife. You are the real deal and I am proud to call you my favorite all-time musician. Loved you since 1983

  56. hello Mr. jon bon jovi happy birthday and keep on rocking i just wished you would come to houston Tx have been a huge fan of yours since I was 8yrs old and I am now 38 years old& i have never been able to go to one of your concerts because i never had enoughmoney

  57. Dear Mr. Jon Bongiovi, I send you heartfull regards and lots of birthday-wishes from Germany – all the best for the next year and have a great and wonderful day. Thanks a million for your music and the joy you bring into the world – connected with your social work, your feet on the ground and everything you do for the poor and the restless.
    Your music attends me since decades through the best and the worst times in my life – and I always find the right song for the situations. That’s really a gift!
    Today my nephew becomes 12 years old, also born on the 2nd of March and also called Jon, because my sister in law and I have listened to BonJoviMusic during the pregnancy, and I was sure, that the boy wants to come on the 2nd of March….. it worked :-).
    Looking forward to see you in Germany very fast.
    But today: don’t think about work…..

  58. Happy Birthday Jon.❤ Wishing you a wonderful day and amazing year. Thank you for all the years of happiness through your music which has been helping me through the worst 15 months of my life. ❤

  59. Happy Birthday Jon! May your life be filled with as much happiness as you have given us throughout all thee years of awesome music.No words could thank you enough..you are special in every way.!

  60. Since time continually marches on, happy birthday when it is your birthday. I am about as old as you and saw you perform as an opening act for RATT in the mid 80’s. As I have watched your career I have been impressed by you and your attitude toward life. You help people, you help society, you help your hometown, and your home state!!!! WOW you are one rock star that impresses me, and after a rough life, and interesting career it is so refreshing to see someone who will help!! You have my deepest respect and continued support!



  61. Happy birthday Jon. You are one amazing man. You are beautiful inside and out. You are always giving back. I hope you enjoy your birthday. I hope to see you perform again soon in Pa. cheers to Jon!!

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