JBJ Soul Foundation donates $500k+ to homeless veterans facility

Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation donates more than half a million dollars to homeless veterans facility — CNN

6 thoughts on “JBJ Soul Foundation donates $500k+ to homeless veterans facility

  1. Jon,

    You an inspriation. I am hoping the community center in my little town can elode what your are. We would love to have a concert for those unfortunate in the community by you & the rear of the group to. boost their spirits.!

  2. I am so very pleased to see someone using their abilities to help those in need. I would love to see you reach out just a step further to ensure those in need can bring their animal companions with them when they seek aid. Many receive support only from their pets after they have lost all others and need assistance, and may not seek such aid without the ability to bring their animals along with them. Food for thought! Veterans, the homeless populations, and those who have survived domestic violence may stay in horrible situations to stay with and protect their pets, whether or not they are service animals. Thanks so much for your hard work.

  3. please we need you can jon bonjovi send us greetings we are the official tribute of bonjovi spain in palma de mallorca tribute bonjovi prayer
    We will do a concert for the benefit of homeless people on the street and we want to play it at the concert
    please do what you can we will be grateful for a lifetime we have gone to all your concerts in Spain
    thanks fernando

  4. Just watched Sunday Morning and had already seen Jon on the morning program interview where he talked about helping with the Veteran Housing. What a good human being that more of us should be like.

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