Just Added: Born To Be My Baby – Live in Philly

A live version of “Born To Be My Baby” has been added to the official Bon Jovi YouTube channel. Subscribe and click the bell to be notified anytime a new video is added.

6 thoughts on “Just Added: Born To Be My Baby – Live in Philly

  1. Every time i listen to your voice my heart bursts with passion and emotion……I get shivered but the adrenaline explodes…….I look forward to your July 10th show, in Zurich. I’ll be there for you, with all your Italian fans……It was a wonderful idea to dedicate an entire sector of the Zurich stadium to your Italian fans…..See you there….I love you Jon.

  2. I do to this day and will always feel the same deep down emotion in my heart and soul for the band that is Bon Jovi. These men are driven by their love for music and putting their experiences into songs we can all relate to. Thank you Bon Jovi for loving us. Fan from the beginning, fan for life…Valerie Pike Daytona Beach, FL

  3. Hello Jon:

    Good morning and Merry Xmas to you and your family. I cant wait to see you for the 3rd time in VA. You look great and sound awesome.

    Love ya your Piasano,

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