MTVU & JBJ Join Forces to Crash One Lucky College’s Commencement

MTVU today joined forces with Jon Bon Jovi to give students a chance to have the rock icon perform acoustically at their 2017 commencement ceremony. 

Beginning today, students can participate by tweeting their best college moments using #JBJReunionContest and tagging their school.  The promotion will run through Sunday, April 23 at 11:59 p.m. ET/PT, with the selected school to be revealed the first week of May across all MTVU platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.  The performance will air on MTVU in June.

Bon Jovi’s new song “Reunion” from their #1 debuting album, This House Is Not For Sale, was first performed by Jon Bon Jovi in 2015 when he was invited to speak at Rutgers University’s commencement. The song, which he wrote with that graduating class in mind, is a thoughtful, optimistic send-off with inspiring lyrics until everyone meets again at their “Reunion.”

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Write your song, sing along, love your life
Learn to laugh, dare to dance, touch the sky
Take pictures each step of the way
Make this the best of the rest of your days
I say, go start your own revolution
And I’ll see you at the reunion


9 thoughts on “MTVU & JBJ Join Forces to Crash One Lucky College’s Commencement

  1. I just saw your advertisement for one special school for you to perform at their high school graduation. I am submitting a special request for my daughter Danielle and her class. Danielle’s passed away when she was 9 years old…(oddly enough sending you this request is the anniversary of his death…April 1st 2008), We were on a trip at Disney land in Florida to watch my oldest daughter perform with the Valders High School Band. He got to watch Samantha and her group perform that night, but that was the last night my daughters would see their father alive. Gary had passed away totally unexpectly in his sleep that night. There was no real explanation for his death, the best thing they could come up with was cardiac arythmia, he was in very good health otherwise. This week in June will be one of the next hardest weeks in my daughters life. Danielle will be graduating without her father’s presence and will have lived half her life without her father. Six days later her sister Samantha will be getting married, every girls dream that her father will walk her down the isle. Danielle and I for that matter love Bon Jovi’s music, it would mean the world to her to have this very special, difficult day to have a surprise of a lifetime.
    Please consider Danielle and the class of 2017 from Valders High School, Valders, WI

    Lisa A. Visser

  2. I’m not in college but I’ve been wanting to meet Jon for the past 12 years. Can you guys please do meet and greet that don’t involve a lot of money? Not everyone is as rich as you guys. I want my dream to finally come true, thanks,

  3. I am sending this request for my daughters graduation at Penn State Greater Allegheny campus. She is graduating on may 6th. I personally have been a fan of Bon Jovi for 30 some years. My kids have been raised to love their music. My daughter, EMILIE was born on April 29th. Jon and Dorothea’s anniversary. I have seen JBJ 14 times and I bake him cookies every year on his birthday. No, I don’t send them, but my friends know how much I adore him. I was at the concert April 5th in Pittsburgh. He was sick and cut us short. I still love him, but if he would show up at her commencement, I would personally have had a dream come true. Your music has gotten us through so much in our lives. EMILIE was bullied in middle school all through high school. I used to play” Welcome to wherever you are” for her because it made her feel special. Please keep us into consideration.

  4. Can you please please please play “Wild is the Wind” tomorrow night Thursday the 13th? It would be a great gift to all of us since the concert was postponed. It’s a long shot but just maybe!! Praying to St. Cecilia! Can’t wait!!!

  5. Jon, So in my ‘tweet’ I indicated that one of my favorite college memories was unexpected snow days. Here’s the thing, Northern Michigan University had a snow day on April 11 after experience a major blizzard. April 11th for heavens sake! Come to NMU, we need you there! We are a small University but a powerful one. President Obama visited us and recognized us for our laptop computer initiative and the technology that is being put in place to wireless connect the entire Upper Peninsula. Starbucks was born and raised on the campus of NMU as he is one of our distinguished alumni. We have cutting edge program to integrate students into the community to share resources and new ways of looking at things. I’ve been with you since Runaway. I am fortunate that I have been able to see you in concert many times. I have successfully passed on my love for your music to the next generation – just saw you in St. Paul MN and my son knew all the words to all the songs; I am so proud! Choose NMU as your campus to visit. If your up to it – I can get you on a guides kayak tour on Lake Superior! (If there is no SNOW)

  6. I was thrilled to learn through 106.7 Life FM radio about your contest to perform at a college graduating class. I’m writing to be considered, not as a college class, but rather as a High School class reunion. The Port Chester High School (NY) class of 1987 will be hosting their 30-year class reunion in October. What I dearly remember the most from those special high school years is growing up with the music of Bon Jovi. I distinctly remember getting my driving permit as a freshman in 1983 while first listening to a brand new band and their single “Runaway”. Selecting our 1987 prom song was an easy choice as “Never Say Goodbye” clearly comforted us as we approached graduation. In 2007, during our 20 yr. reunion, Bon Jovi’s “Who Says You Can’t Go Home” once again made us feel good about coming back to our roots in our hometown.

    Throughout all these times, our strong and united class of 233 has remained closely in touch as we’ve held well attended class reunions at 10, 15, 20, 25 and now 30 years. From the local stay at home mom to the army lieutenant colonel stationed in South Korea, we always come together on that one special night every 5 years. Despite the years progressing and losing classmates to serious illnesses or unfortunate accidents, we continually find a source of strength in each other through the memories of our youthful years and the continuous music of Bon Jovi.
    Your presence at our reunion would be the ultimate way for us to celebrate 30 years with a group of very special people. We hope you truly consider our request and help us make this “Reunion” the best and most memorable for many reunions to come.

  7. Jon, come to Northern Michigan University and play for us. We are located in Upper Michigan on the Shores of Lake Superior; this is great kayaking territory…you know if the lake is not frozen by May 6th! I have been listening to you and the guys for 34 years; one of my proudest moments was bringing my 15 year old son to the THINFS tour and he knew all the words to all of the songs. We had a blast! I love your music, I love your business sense, I love your philanthropy. Wherever you go, that school will be so lucky!

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