Fan of the Month

Fan of the Month September 2019 - DAWN

September 2019 – DAWN

I LOVE Bon Jovi with all of my heart and soul – that’s why I have been here in the Fan Club for 28 or 29 years!!!
I can’t travel or go on the trips because I am in a wheelchair, but I LOVE reading stuff that others experience with Bon Jovi. I LOVE Bon Jovi and everybody in it!

Fan of the Month August 2019 - SOFIA

August 2019 – SOFIA

I’m thinking of a day 23 years ago. I was 15 and it was my first Bon Jovi concert, Milton Keynes, UK. I was with my mother and my best friend and the 3 of us waited in line for almost 10 hours. We made it to 2nd row. As soon as Jon came out the crowd went crazy and I was scared out of my mind, got carried out by security and spent the rest of the concert on the grassy patch right at the back, where the guys look like tiny dolls moving around on stage…and it was the best time I’d ever had. What follows in the next 23 years just got better. 20+ concerts all over the globe, from London to Sydney to New Jersey, a BSWJBJ 10th anniversary party and a Runaway trip in Vegas, I’ve spent more than half my life devoted to these guys. I’m so grateful to have known their music, experience their live shows, and to walk down the aisle to ‘TYFLM’ and I look forward to more from them. Who knows one day I might get a hello, but till then, thank you for being you, the greatest band. Love from Malaysia

Fan of the Month August 2019 - LISA

July 2019 – LISA

I have been a fan of Bon Jovi since age 12 when Runaway was first released. I have all their CD’s, DVD’s and books. My first concert ever was Slippery When Wet tour. Not old enough yet to drive, my friends and I took a bus from north NJ to the Philadelphia Spectrum. I have not missed a tour since. I was able to check off a bucket list item last April when I went to Cleveland to see them inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, which was long overdue in my opinion! Such a memorable weekend. Next I’m hoping to finally be able to attend a Runaway tour. Thanks Bon Jovi for 35 years of amazing music and hopefully more to come! ❤

Fan of the Month June 2019 - ANDREW

June 2019 – ANDREW

All 3 of my kids Richie(12), Sean(6) and Dylan(4) are huge fans!!! Dylan just celebrated his 4th birthday on 3/15/19 and he wanted a Bon Jovi birthday cake with his favorite song. Dylan blew out his candles and said his birthday wish was to meet Bon Jovi. He loves Bon Jovi and thats the only music we are allowed to play in the car. Thank god mom and dad love Bon Jovi as well…lol Hopefully one day Dylan will get his wish and meet Bon Jovi…One day.

Fan of the Month May 2019 - TERI

May 2019 – TERI

I have 2 grown children & 4 grandangels. I work full time just to make ends meet. I’ve loved Bon Jovi for over 30 years.They’ve written the soundtrack of my life, helping to keep me alive through abuse, 2 divorces, several cancers, plus battling for 3 years breast cancer, which now is Terminal Stage 4 Metastatic BC in hip. Was given 2 years &now living on borrowed time.I continue chemo every 3wks for rest of my life. BJ’s songs give me encouragement.I wish I could go to another concert before my time is up.The last time I saw Jon was in LA Runaway trip,& I told him I thought I was beating cancer w/his help, &his face lit up, high fived me, squeezing my hand as he said to never give up, keep the faith, keep fighting. Everytime I want to give up, I hear those words & I get infused with strength. I wish I could see Jon 1more time. Just dreams. Bon Jovi is the most amazing band of kind souls in the world and will live on forever as one of the best bands in the history of music.

Fan of the Month April 2019 - SHELBY

April 2019 – SHELBY

I have been a huge fan ever since I was a little girl. Growing up with parents who listened to classic rock would always play Bon Jovi! Every Saturday morning my dad would jam out to VH1 and he would always put Bon Jovi on for me. Everyone who knows me knows how much I loveee Bon Jovi. My first Bon Jovi concert was in 6th grade and I fell in love with it! My walls were filled with Bon Jovi song signs I made! Every time a Bon Jovi song comes on anywhere I get excited and have the biggest smile on my face. I would always play “It’s my life”, right before every cheer competition to pump me up. I love being silly and jam out to Bon Jovi! I would always jam out in the car with my dad who has passed away and I would dance with my mom to Bon Jovi who also just recently passed away so now when I hear Bon Jovi, I know my parents are smiling down jamming out to Bon Jovi with me. They were too fans of his! Every time I listen to Bon Jovi it makes me happy!!!

Fan of the Month February 2019 - STEPHANIE

February 2019 – STEPHANIE

I’ve been a Bon Jovi fan since the beginning and they are the only band I show loyalty to! In fact, my husband and I just celebrated our 20th anniversary on 9/11/18. To celebrate our special milestone year we’ve given it a theme: BON JOVI. I became a fan club member, we attended the May 14, 2018 concert in DC, and purchased our share of Bon Jovi apparel. I also created an anniversary photo video displaying our years together and used “Thank You for Loving Me” as the song for the video. I shared it on Facebook and received tons of compliments and would love for Jon to see it himself! The biggest proof I have for being one of Bon Jovi’s biggest fans is through my daughter, Gianna, who I’ve made into a Bon Jovi fan too… We love you JBJ and rock to your music every day! We are thrilled to share our milestone anniversary year with Bon Jovi’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Ultimately, to meet JBJ himself would be the best way to round out the year!

Fan of the Month January 2019 - JACKIE

January 2019 – JACKIE

I’ve been a fan since 1985 Bon Jovi were third or fourth on the list at the Monsters of Rock concert in Donington, UK, this was when I truly fell in love with them. The next tour will be my 19th – I recall in the late 80s being at the front of the NEC Birmingham at the time when cameras weren’t allowed, I smuggled a small camera inside my underwear, Jon appeared within a couple of feet from me and I was fumbling around trying to get my camera out of my underwear to capture the moment, my sister and I went to all three nights that year in Birmingham as we wanted to see the first and last show when they announced an extra date. It was awesome!! I have been through three serious relationships and converted all three to being Bon Jovi fans, I have some fab photos through the years many before digital days and can’t wait until June to see the greatest band of all time!! Love you guys rock on forever!! Xx

Fan of the Month December 2018 - JAMI

December 2018 – JAMI

I’m one of Bon Jovi’s biggest fans because I have been listening to them and going to see their concerts since 1985. I grew up in NJ and lived in NY for many years and I would go to every show, big or small possible. My friends call me JamiJovi. I’ve been to the great stadium shows in Giants stadium, TV appearances on The Today show and I was one of the lucky 20 that were on the roof when he played on David Letterman. I have seen 200 shows in 7 different states so far which include 3 fanclub trips (Las Vegas, San Diego, and San Francisco). My 201st was supposed to be Denver but now it will be Mohegun Sun and then I will be back up north for the 2 shows at MSG.

Fan of the Month November 2018 - DAVID

November 2018 – DAVID

I have been a fan of Bon Jovi since 1985. I have seen them in concert 8 times. My first Bon Jovi concert was in 1987 at the MECCA Arena in Milwaukee. Favorite Bon Jovi concert was in Boston in 2008 with my daughter. The music the band has created is timeless. I have a Bon Jovi playlist on my iPod with 160+ songs. They don’t just play in concert, they entertain. My favorite all time song is Wanted Dead or Alive and friends and family know when it plays I go crazy with the air guitar. I travel for work and my travel bag has WANTED embroidered on it. When Bon Jovi began selling his wine I purchased a number of the collector bottles as well as the regular wine club bottles and 8 glasses. Concert number 9 will be on April 29, 2018. For the first time ever, at any concert, I decided to treat myself and pay for the “Knockout” Ultimate VIP Experience. I will be sitting front row center. For me this will be a once in a lifetime experience. Thanks to Bon Jovi for a lifetime of awesome music!

Fan of the Month September 2018 - RACHEL

September 2018 – RACHEL

I have been listening faithfully since 1986. I was 14 years young then. Bon Jovi has been the one consistent thing I’ve had in my life, aside from family of course. I am not exaggerating when I say I listen to their music EVERY SINGLE DAY! Every night, I put my Bon Jovi playlist on shuffle, stick in my earbuds, and just take it all in until I am snoozing. Their lyrics, the stories their songs tell, really moves me. They are good for my soul. In my younger years, I went through my share of heartaches, as most youngsters do. Bon Jovi always lifted me up. Kept me grounded. My husband jokes around with me all the time about how big of a fan I am. My response to him is always “You should be thankful for them. They’re the reason we’re still together!!!” Ha! Thank you to the entire Bon Jovi family for all that you do! I am forever grateful!

Fan of the Month June 2018 - GISELE V.

June 2018 – GISELE V.

I’m a brazilian living in Houston. When I was 11 yo I was at my english class in Brazil and saw a video of Bon Jovi. The song was I’ll be there for You, from that moment on, you guys made a new fan. I attended many concerts but never, never had the opportunity to hear that song. Since last weekend. That was my dream, the first song that I loved. The one that makes my soul vibrate in a unique way . I traveled to St Paul’s concert and that time with a sign asking for my song. When Jon went to stage B he walked by my side, I touched him and showed my sing asking for I’ll be There For You. He looked at me and in one second he just closed his eyes and made a sing with his head meaning yes. Something of the type, you’ll have it. My heart beat so strong. And when they come back to stage to the Encore, at the first musical note I knew it, it was real. At my 40’s I had my dream come true. People near me was so excited , looking at me saying that it was for me. It was amazing! I’m so thankful.

Fan of the Month May 2018 - MAJA W.

May 2018 – MAJA W.

Growing up in a small town in Yugoslavia, we encountered a series of wars between 1991 and 1995. The war that affected me and my family the most was Croatian War of Independence (1991–1995. I was 9 years old when it happened We had no school, we lived in the tiny basements (my parents, my brother and I), but we made it out alive and stronger as a family. I recall my brother listening to Jon Bon Jovi and Guns ‘n’ Roses, so that’s how I was introduced to the band and their music. The next thing I know, my room was covered with Jon Bon Jovi’s posters and I listened to his CDs through entire high school and college. And it continued to this day. I saw Jon finally last year for the first time. I saved money for the 3-day experience and photo op with Jon and the band. I was in heaven! That was by far the most amazing experience in my life. I would do it again in a heartbeat! Hopefully I’ll manage to go to one of his upcoming concerts soon!

Fan of the Month - April 2018 - KAREN M.

April 2018 – KAREN M.

I have been a fan since my first concert in 1989 when I was 16 and since then have never missed a show in my area and I am 45. There is nothing like a Bon Jovi concert to transport you back to your carefree teenage years!! More importantly my 8 year old nephew David is a fan!! Bon Jovi inspired him to take guitar lessons.Can’t wait to bring him to his first concert on 4/2/18 @ the TD Bank Garden in Boston. It’s a surprise for his 9th birthday at the end of April and to boot our seats are 11th Row Center stage. It’s taken me 29 years to get to the floor. Anything for my nephew!! Bon Jovi’s music touches the souls of all ages!! So happy to share this experience with him and create memories that last forever! I guess Bon Jovi is in our DNA. #BestAuntEver. The photo is of my nephew David at his first guitar lesson!

Fan of the Month March 2018 - MARC G.

March 2018 – MARC G.

Submitted by Marc’s Fiancée, Jenna Holmes: I met Marc in August 2017. One of our first conversations was how he has been to 5 JBJ concerts and many other cover shows. I thought to myself “Wow, he is a fanatic!”. Fast forward to October and I discover this priceless Halloween picture of him from 2008, and I again think to myself “Wow” (while laughing hysterically). Fast forward to January, we are planning our wedding. We talked about going to Vegas for March Madness. Next day, he gets an email with the 2018 JBJ tour dates. Stunningly, JBJ will be in Vegas on March 17th. We start looking at wedding venues in Vegas. There’s so many we don’t know where to start, so we look at “Best of” articles. Graceland Chapel catches my attention because of the positive reviews. We go to their website, JBJ was married there! At this point, we knew we were destined to get married at Graceland Chapel in Las Vegas on March 17, 2018. And as my wedding present to Marc, we are sitting VIP 6th row that night!

Fan of the Month February 2018 - Patience J.

February 2018 – PATIENCE J.

Fell in love with BJ when I was 13. 5 boys at my high school, back in Zimbabwe, lip-synched to ‘Bad Name’ at the talent show. I didn’t know the group. Didn’t know the song, but THAT night I fell in love with the ‘noise’ and the music. The next day I found one of the boys and begged to borrow what turned out to be the ‘Slippery When Wet’ cassette. I quickly copied and returned it. That was the beginning of my BJ ‘addiction’. I am 45 and still ‘CRAZY’ about Bon Jovi, like the very first time I heard ‘Bad Name’! I came to the US 20 years ago and I HAD to see the band LIVE, in concert. That got checked off my bucket list in 2000, when I attended my first Jovi concert in Boston, at Gillette Stadium! That was HUGE! I have watched them 2 more times and I ‘get a rush’ every time! I just can’t get ENOUGH! I listen to Bon Jovi so much that my 7 year old daughter is getting ‘hooked’! Her first concert was #thinfs, Dallas. She LOVED it and has not stopped asking when our next one is !

Fan of the Month January 2018 - JAMES F.

January 2018 – JAMES F.

I remember hearing “Who says you can’t go home” for the first time when I was five I believe. Ever since then I have been a fan. My first cd was the dual sided cd of slippery when wet, and I loved it so much and played it almost every day. As of October 2016, I now have every single Bon Jovi cd. Including Jon Bon Jovi and the Power Station years CD, “100,000,000 bon jovi fans can’t be wrong” and a few more imports. I also have vintage vinyls of “Bon Jovi”, “7800”, “Slippery When Wet” and “New Jersey”! My most prized Bon Jovi item has to be my very first Bon Jovi T-shirt. It was for “The Circle” tour of 2010-2011. I got it for christmas of 2010 and I still have it! My very first concert was February 10th, 2016 in Atlanta GA… I have to say it was a dream come true for me. I always tell people that I got to sing with Bon Jovi! It was the best Friday of my life!

Fan of the Month December 2017 - MEL S.

December 2017 – MEL S.

Who can resist that great smile and great heart💕 My mom brought my sister and I to the Montreal Canada show in 1987 and this year we were able to take her to the Mohegan sun Conneticut show! A 5 hour drive and mother daughter bonding time with Bon Jovi playing in the background!! So fun!! We are all fans! Much respect for all Jon and the band members do for fans and communities. Thank you!!

Fan of the Month October 2017 - MADYSON O.

October 2017 – Madyson O.

Very few Bon Jovi fans can say they have been fans since they were first born. Luckily I am one of those fans. At 18 years old I have seen Bon Jovi a total of 7 times with my very first Bon Jovi concert at 4 years old. Growing up in school Bon Jovi was somehow always associated with me too. All throughout elementary school, middle school, and high school my “ice breaker” fun fact about myself would be that I love Bon Jovi. My love for Bon Jovi was so well known that at my Senior Year Mock Elections I won the “Born In the Wrong Era” award and as I walked across the stage “Livin On A Prayer” played. At that moment I knew that I would not be the same person I am today without Bon Jovi in my life. Also, for special occasions, I wear my Bon Jovi pin over my heart for good luck and so I always have Jon with me. There is nothing I want more in this world than to meet my favorite rock star and superman. I really will love Bon Jovi always.

Fan of the Month August 2017 - LYNN B.

August 2017 – LYNN B.

I have loved Bon Jovi since Runaway came out, i was 13. Since then, I’ve not missed 1 Chicago show, snd have traveled to various other states to see the bsnd whose music has fulfilled my heart and gotten me thru the worst, and best of times. My wish was fulfilled when i was finally able to go to New York in October and have my photo taken with Jon rifht next to me during the THINFS runaway tour package. Im a hairstylist and my entire salon is,filled witb Bon Jovi collectible items and posters ive been colkecting since tge Slippery wgen Wet tour, i was 16 then and have grown to love them more and more as tge years have gone by…their music and lyrics touch my soul and now I’m passing that tradition on to my kids, who are both teenagers, and know all the words to most of the songs. Its extreme gratitude i feel, being a fan of Bon Jovi…ALWAYS!

Fan of the Month July 2017 - DANIELLE B.

July 2017 – DANIELLE B.

I had never heard Bon Jovi growing up or any classic rock group for that matter. However, when I was 16, I found Bon Jovi. My first song was “Livin’ on a Prayer,” and my love for them grew as I discovered more and more of their music. Since I was 16, I told myself that I wanted to see them live. Well, I’m now 20 and I finally saw them in February! That was the best concert I have ever been to!! I enjoyed Jon and the boys so much that I found myself short of breath at certain points in the show! Jon is my role model and someone I truly admire and to see him just 9 rows in front of me was a dream come true!! Bon Jovi’s music has helped me through a lot with my anxiety and a major breakup. Their music brought me happiness in my worst times, and I will forever be grateful for that! Bon Jovi FOREVER! <3

Fan of the Month June 2017 - DENICE D.

June 2017 – DENICE D.

Counting the concert I just attended in Phoenix, I have seen Bon Jovi 19 times. I was hoping to make it 20, and see the concert in Chicago, which is where I attended my first Bon Jovi concert at 15 years old. Absolutely love seeing them in Chicago. Anyone who knows me (students, colleagues, family, friends), knows how much I love Bon Jovi. I can tie a Bon Jovi song to many major events in my life. I married my high school sweetheart, and he knows Bon Jovi is something I would never give up. What About Now,, specifically Room at the End of the World helped me through the loss of both of my parents. New Jersey got me through senior year in high school. My 5 children know a lot of Bon Jovi too, since I listened to them on long car trips between hometown in Indiana and Arizona. Hopefully one of These Days (another good album) I will get to meet the band, especially Jon. Thank you for Always being there when I needed you most.

Fan of the Month May 2017 - CONNIE CARPENTER


I have been a fan of Bon Jovi since the beginning. My first concert was 9/12/86 at the Brendan Byrne Arena in NJ. Since then my best friend, Erin and I, have been to over 50 shows. We have been lucky enough to see the band in intimate settings as well as Arenas. We have travelled to see the band and have plenty of great memories. I have grown up listening to the melodic ballads and good old rock and roll that the band continues to produce. Their music has gotten me thru many tough times. I have battled and won a fight against cancer 3 times and the music helped heal my soul. I look forward to many more shows.

Fan of the Month April 2017 - MINDY OLSON


I was incredibly shy as a kid, always the quietest kid in the classroom. As an adult, that shyness is still there in unexpected ways. I don’t like being in a room where the attention is pointed in my direction. As a result, I have NEVER actually danced freely or sang loudly enough for anybody to hear me. That all changed when I went to see Bon Jovi at Mohegan Sun Sun yesterday at the age of 42. That concert also happened to be the 4th anniversary of the year I was diagnosed with cancer. I’ve been a Bon Jovi fan since I was 12 years old. To my older Sister’s dismay, I had pin-up’s ALL over our bedroom of Bon Jovi back then. At that concert yesterday, I felt myself clapping and dancing and singing. My friend next to me let all our friends know that I danced. They COULD NOT believe it. I thought, “Bon Jovi must have some power to get me to dance, because nobody has been able to do that in 42 years!” As an adult, I could not be more proud of the humanitarian my rock star became.