Second Round Opening Act Winners

In January, Jon Bon Jovi announced on Facebook Live an exciting opening act contest to give bands the chance to open an arena date on Bon Jovi’s This House Is Not For Sale Tour. To enter the competition, thousands of bands uploaded audition videos at or the Bon Jovi and Live Nation Facebook pages.  To pick the winner for each tour date, Live Nation chose 10 finalists and Bon Jovi management selected the contest winner from the shortlist.

Artists can still submit their videos for March 14-April 11 show dates. The submission deadline for Round Four (March 14-March 22) is February 17 at 12pm PST. 

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February 21 – Oklahoma City, OK

Taddy Porter

“To say that this is a good opportunity, would be a huge understatement,” said Taddy Porter. “It’s not every day you get to open for a music icon at the biggest arena in your home city! We are humbled, extremely thankful, and not to mention, pumped for this show! I wish more of our favorite bands would have a contest like this, but I doubt they are as cool as JBJ.”

February 23 – Dallas, TX

Blacktop Mojo

“Every band that’s ever started in a garage or a coffee shop somewhere dreams at some point to play in an arena in front of a big crowd, and to think that on February 23rd, that we’ll get a chance to do just that is absolutely surreal,” said Blacktop Mojo. The level of talent in this contest and in our area is astounding, so to be among the few picked for this opportunity is incredible. Thank you to Bon Jovi and Live Nation for giving the little guys like us a shot. We couldn’t be more excited!”


February 25 – Las Vegas, NV

Daring Greatly

“It’s a little hard to process right now. We’re opening for rock legend Bon Jovi!!!” says 20 year-old Liam Croome, vocals/keys for the family rock band, Daring Greatly. “We’ve been head down in the music trenches for a while. I’m more than ecstatic to front Bon Jovi and can’t even believe I get a chance to play a REALLY big stage beside my father, Dail our bassist/vocals, my brother Patrick (Patch, vocals/acoustic), and longtime friend Brayden Tario (drums/vocals).” 

February 28 – Sacramento

Natalie Gelman

“Growing up in NYC, the first concert I ever saw was Bon Jovi at Giants Stadium. I always wanted to sing and play, but seeing the band on stage that night sealed the deal for me. I’ve hustled for years playing in the subways and booking my own tours across the country, so to have this opportunity, and have it come full circle like this, is unbelievably special. I am so grateful to Bon Jovi, Live Nation and everyone involved in making this possible and making musicians’ dreams come true.”

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  1. I grew up listening to Bon Jovi! Monster hooks and many memories! I entered and to be able to share the Stage with Bon jovi is such a dream! Congrats to all the winners!

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