Sixth Round Opening Act Winners

The winners of the final round of the 2017 This House Is Not For Sale contest have been announced. Head over to to get your tickets. 


April 5, 2017 – Pittsburgh, PA

Interlochen Singer-Songwriters

“The students of Interlochen Arts Academy’s singer-songwriter program in northern MI are thrilled at the opportunity to be invited to open for Bon Jovi. It will be an incredible, hands-on educational experience learning how to perform on a big stage, firing up the crowd, and being a professional musician,” said Courtney Kaiser-Sandler, Instructor of the Singer Songwriter Program at Interlochen Arts Academy. “Bon Jovi has continued to come out on top through all the changes in the music industry over the past fifty years, and his personal philanthropic vision of giving back is in alignment with Interlochen Center for the Arts. The students are looking forward to meeting and speaking with various Bon Jovi crew members, observing how a show of this magnitude operates, and how the teamwork of combined personal artistry creates a foundation for making shows like this happen. “

April 7, 2017 – New York, NY

Oak & Ash

“This is easily one of the best moments of our lives,” said Oak & Ash. “Musicians only dream of having an opportunity like this and we feel so truly blessed to have been recognized among all of the other incredibly talented artists. Thank you to Bon Jovi and to everyone else who was involved with this contest. We won’t let you down!”

April 8, 2017 – New York, NY

Dylan Rockoff

“I am deeply honored to be opening for a band that I’ve been listening to, literally, since I was born,” said Dylan Rockoff. “My mother, quite possibly the world’s biggest Bon Jovi fan, raised us on music from that era which ultimately helped shape me as an artist. Having watched so many of my idols play Madison Square Garden, I always dreamed of someday getting to perform on that stage. I am elated to finally have that chance, and look forward to a great night of creating, and consuming great music with family and friends – new and old.”


April 10, 2017 – Toronto, ON

Beth Thornton

“I was 13 when I heard my first Bon Jovi record and ever since that day I have dreamed of opening for them,” said Beth Thornton. “The fact that my dream is becoming reality blows my mind! What Bon Jovi have done with this contest is incredible. These days it’s so difficult to get your music heard but they’re making it possible on such a massive scale! Not many people will be able to say they opened for their heroes, so I’m going to take this chance to show the crowd and Bon Jovi just how grateful I am by giving it everything I’ve got.”

April 11, 2017 – Toronto, ON


“Cannons is thrilled to be sharing the stage with Bon Jovi for the second of the Toronto shows. From slow dances in high school, to playing air drums to their songs on the radio, Bon Jovi are firmly part of the rock n roll soundtrack of our lives,” said guitarist/keyboardist Marty Sobb of CANNONS. “This opportunity couldn’t come at a better time for our band.”

9 thoughts on “Sixth Round Opening Act Winners

  1. Kevin fhe bassist for the Crossdockers congrats to Cannon and Beth for getting the opening Spot. May the Crossdockers have a better chance next time. Great opportunity!! And thanks for allowing us bands this shot!

  2. An Adam Levine impersonator was the most original and entertaining video you could come up with for the 7th? AND for the winner of the 8th it’s a guy from BOSTON who submitted a montage video of an Alicia Keys COVER SONG (not allowed from your “rules”)? And this has NOTHING to do with the fact He had a high amount of “likes” which your rules claimed were for “promotion” value and had no basis on judgement? The rules say creativity, originality and entertainment value … SO TO REPEAT… you think NYC wants to see a guy from BOSTON play a sold out MADISON SQUARE GARDEN because his video that broke all your rules “won”? Cool. Just double checking there.

    And to show I’m NOT BIAS. SOME OTHER DESERVING BANDS. *In no specific order.
    – Deal Casino
    – Wyland
    – Pom Oak
    – A Boy Named John
    – Jared Dylan

    And if you were in the spirit of picking bands from out of state, how about a band people actually know, Thriving Ivory. There singer has an extremely unique voice and I’m just not seeing this “originality, creativity and entertainment value” in these winners for the biggest stage in the world. Best of luck to the winners though, always wishing the best… I’m just baffled.

    1. I thought all entries had to be original songs? I also thought tour cities would feature a LOCAL opening band. The contest accepted and selected bands without originals and out of state winners. sad.

  3. This was totally fixed. Oak and Ash should not have won. Didn’t you see Doubleday? A young group of good looking guys that would make the music industry more money? They also submitted a completely original song that fits with Bonjovi’s genre, making the audience more likely to enjoy their music. This was not well chosen.

  4. My cousin Polly has travelled from Australia to see you in concert.

    She would be one of your biggest stalkers, I mean fans

    Please Jon.., she travelled 26 hours to see you play. Can you go to your soul kitchen to give her a hug/autograph or both to make her day/life. She adores you more than anyone I know.

    Polly Falzon is her name. I wish for her to at least meet you as she’s one of the kindest ladies you’d ever know. She’s endured hell, you’ve got no idea what she’s been through. Please Jon, contact me or her so Polly can meet you.

    I’m sure you get this a lot but Polly is devoted to you as am I. Coming from Australia to see you is a HUGE cost. Her partner Stu paid for her dream trip. It was to see you. Please please please respond to me… Polly deserves this more than anyone I know ❤️ Thank you xxx

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