Tickets Now Available for Endicott, NY on August 18

Bon Jovi - Dick's Sporting Goods Open

Tickets for the Dick’s Sporting Goods Open performance on August 18 in Endicott, NY are now available for purchase!

“We are truly excited to welcome Bon Jovi to the DICK’S Sporting Goods Open,” said Tournament Director John Karedes. “We are confident that this will be the biggest show to ever hit Broome County and we are proud to be hosting it at the 2017 DICK’S Sporting Goods Open.”

DICK’S Sporting Goods Open is celebrating the fourth year of our partnership with McIntosh as they sponsor the Soundstage for our Friday Night Concert. “We are honored to again be partnering with the DICK’s Sporting Goods Open. McIntosh has a proud history of involvement with legendary concerts and musical groups such as Woodstock and the Grateful Dead,” said Charlie Randall, President of McIntosh. “We’re delighted to welcome Bon Jovi to the Greater Binghamton area on the McIntosh Soundstage.”

8 thoughts on “Tickets Now Available for Endicott, NY on August 18

  1. Hello my name is Heather Babcock and I applied for a fan club access 3 months ago. All I’ve received was my plackard. I missed out on fan club seating. I can’t get on I bought the membership from bandmerch. I’ve contacted them and they don’t have any idea on how to get to my membership fan club number or onto the website. Can someone please help me out with this. I’m getting really upset My order info was code #ABJCHAU4WOKN. My name is Heather Babcock ☎phone number 508-778-5054. My address is 47 Oak Neck Rd, Hyannis, Massachusetts 02601. My email is heatherleebee@ Please call or email me I’m so upset. I’ve been a fan since I was 13 and now I’m 44, that 31 years. I’ve seen BonJovi more than 60 times in 7 different States. Myfirst show was July 28,1987. I have my license plate on my car is BONJOV. I’m actually on the Have a nice day CD on the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City New Jersey that was awhile back. I’m upset because I scratched the video side and the CD is out of print. So if I can get your help it would be nice. Thank you! Heather Babcock.

  2. Can someone help me with my fan club membership. purchased it more than 2 months and no membership info just the neck plackard. Please and Thank you.

  3. I just received my Backstage membership items. I have 2 questions. When I go to get my VIP seating, do I just take my badge or do I need a membership #? Also, will there be additional dates added for USA? I live in Omaha, Nebraska and not able to travel to other dates except maybe Lincoln, Nebraska due to my disability getting worse. Thank you for taking the time to read my message,

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