Watch Episode 1 of the THINFS Recap Series

David Bergman and the Bon Jovi Team filmed a series of exit interviews after the 2018 This House Is Not For Sale Tour. Watch Episode 1 where the band, crew, and others discuss their favorite venue on tour.

40 thoughts on “Watch Episode 1 of the THINFS Recap Series

  1. This love is not for sale ! Nothing more to say !! Bon Jovi in the GARDEN -Nothing can beat it. Lucky enough to come over and enjoy!
    Thank you ! Kisses from Germany

  2. please guys don’t forget France when you all will come in Europe thank you your show are fantastic when i look all videos of your show i want really to see you all on the stage all french fan love you and they wait you all with impatience

  3. Sou fã da banda há 22 anos. Amo todos, porém Jon é meu ídolo. Espero de coração que a apresentação de Porto Alegre esteja nessa produção. Pois realizei um sonho que parecia impossível lá, e ficará na minha memória para sempre. Perfeição seria esse sonho eternizado nas filmagens da própria banda! Nossa! Que máximo ❤❤

  4. Happy to know the Crew Chief mentioned Sao Paulo. I was there and it was absolutely the best Bon Jovi concert I’ve been to (been to 5).
    Thanks for giving all of you in Brazil. Love you, guys!

  5. I saw you in Ottawa Ont it was an amazing concert. When you sang Bed of Roses, you came walking over to me on the back of empty chairs and then u were right in front of me. I was in awe and was able to touch you and I held on to your leg so u wouldn’t fall. ( the mother in me lol) It was the most amazing moment of my life (except for having my kids). I was speechless but had a Hugh grin for several days. Just wanted to let u know how u made a long time fan so happy and you look even better in person than pictures. You are a very special man Jon, thank you for being so awesome to take the time to come into the crowd of fans. Love love your music and always excited to see u in concert. Hope u get to read this.

  6. Madson Square Garden é o melhor lugar para shows! Foi um sonho realizado ver o Bon Jovi nesse lugar icônico! Mas qdo eles disseram q o melhor público foi o de São Paulo, morri 5 vezes de felicidades!!! Eu tb tava lá gritando alucinada! Eu estava lá qdo 80 mil pessoas cantaram mais alto q o John em It’s my life e ele ficou emocionado qdo viu aquilo! É nóis Brasil!!!!!! ✌✌✌❤️❤️

  7. I finally got to see Bon Jovi at Madison Square Garden – both nights. Had the best time ever!! Please come to Australia when you tour next.

  8. I followed ALL the tour by Youtube and all venues were awesome!!! I’ve read positive and negative comments, congratulations and insults but, Guys all stadiums were sold out, every time!!!! This means that there are millions and millions fans all over the world who love you and have been following for over 30 years !! I love you Jon and i love all The Band. Now i wait for you in Europe, Italy or UK or France or Spain wherever you want, I’LL BE THERE. As i say ALWAYS AND IN ANY CASE BON JOVI FAN……FOR EVER!!!

  9. First Bon Jovi concert was New Jersey tour in Lexington, Kentucky. It was amazing. Seen them many times after that. Drove to Atlanta Georgia for this tour. Still amazing after all these years. They never let the audience down!! Always put on one heck of a show!!

  10. I have been living in the States for about 2 years and the most amazing gift that life gave me, during the first year here, was seen Bon Jovi at the Fedex Forum in Memphis. That concert is gonna stay in my heart forever ❤️

  11. I have so much to say, but I will stay on track I absolutely loved it! I am looking forward to more! I’ve been a die hard fan since 1985!

  12. Love your ZZ Top memory, wish I’d been there for that. I enjoyed 3 outstanding performances in 2017 & 2019 in Dallas & Houston. Having Bon Jovi withdrawal symptoms.

  13. I met jon and the band in 92 at Deerpark outside venue in Noblesville Indiana. With Extreme. Very cool but very friggin hot it was outside venue and it about 100 that day. Jon gave me a video camera and i got everybody autograph. And i was so dam shy i couldnt hardly speak. I surer dont have that problem now. Thanks Jon looking forward into meeting again this time i wont be scared to talk ❤

  14. Bon Jovi are my Guys!!!!. Saw them on both nights at Madison Square Garden May 9th and 10th. Love you guys…I respect Bon Jovi for what they stand for beyond their music…their integrity, their passion for helping others in need.

  15. Hi!! I’m rosana and i am from argentina. I am a realy fan of bon jovi since 1989,i went to every show that he did and i realy enjoy listen muy favourite song (living in sin). Well about the video i realy enjoy this, and i know why the garden plaza is the most important placer in bon jovi’es heart

  16. The energy at the São Paulo concert was incredible I had never experienced something like that (not even on the last concerts in Brazil) the band was amazing and Jon was fantastic! I hope to see you guys soon!

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